Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PREPARE TO EVACUATE!!: Albuquerque Air Force Base Orders 1,200 Particulate Radiation Suits

On Feb 20th, Kirtland Air Force base in Albuquerque New Mexico  awarded a sole source contract to  MRI corp of El Paso, Texas for 1,200 Particulate Radiation suits.  A obvious purpose for this order is to prepare for another massive Plutonium release from DOE's WIPP plant outside Carlsbad New Mexico.

" the contractor shall provide 1200 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) single-use overgarments, hoods and footwear as indicated by size and part numbers below. Hoods and bootliners may be integrated into the suit design, but at a minimum must be designed to afford full protection to the wearer when worn as an ensemble. All part numbers used are Orex brand. Non-ventilated protective clothing shall protect the wearer against particulate radioactive contamination"
"300 each - Orex Ultra Coverall, Medium, Part Number: CSA3500-M
350 each - Orex Ultra Coverall, Large, Part Number CSA3500-L
300 each - Orex Ultra Coverall, Extra Large, Part number CSA3500-XL
150 each - Orex Ultra Coverall - Double X Large, Part Number CSA3500-XXL
100 each - Orex Ultra Coverall, Triple X Large, Part Number CSA3500-3X
1200 each - Orex Ultra Bootliners, XL, Part Number CS3516-XL
1200 each - Orex Ultra Hoods, Part Number CS3555"

As we stated in our previous post: 

BUGOUT ALERT! CDC Preps MASSIVE Ventilator Order, References Radiological Event And Pandemic Influenza

One thing we know for sure, it would be wise risk mitigation to be able to IMMEDIATELY escape upwind of the WIPP site within a moments notice for anyone living within a 200 mile zone. This means having a P100 mask and items to sustain comfort immediately available and transportable (along with a plan to get out). 

We expect that the DOE WIPP site should be tracking levels of Hydrogen, Methane, & VOC's from increased radiolysis occurring in the WIPP mine. But, this does not mean they will alert youDOE denied the Plutonium release for DAYS.

Alternative media is just now reporting the size of the Plutonium release, we first quantified and reported the size of that Plutonium release over 1 week ago. People did not want to believe there was a massive release because of Normalcy Bias, don't make that mistake again! 


Personal Protective EquipmentSolicitation Number: HDTRA2-14-T-0001

Mechanical VentilatorsSolicitation Number: 2014-RFI-16388

Pandemic Alert! CDC Desires Info On H7N9 & MERS TWEETS in Real Time AND 5 Years Historical

TIME ZERO Plutonium Cloud was 330 MILLION Becquerels in Size; DOE Claims Current Releases Safe--BUT

[PANDEMIC WARNING] Public Health Service PRE-ORDERS 2,900 of Its HIGHEST Medals & Ribbons Awards

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