Thursday, July 17, 2014

ALERT! 777 Shoot Down Video Shows CHAFF Was Deployed, Points to Fighter Jet Involvement

The video below is purported to be of the 777 shoot down in Ukraine. Note that @11 seconds into the video Chaff streamers are floating down on to the wreckage site. Chaff is dispensed from military aircraft to obscure an aircraft from RADAR and RADAR guided missiles. The presence of the Chaff indicates something is not right about the story being told.

IF this is video of the 777 shoot down in Ukraine, it indicates that a military aircraft was involved in the shoot down. This could be anything from a fighter actually shooting down the 777, to a fighter shadowing the 777 and having to launch Chaff to avoid a missile.

What ever the case, the glittering streamers and specs in the video show that the official story being told is not correct.


Based on video we've seen of bodies at the crash site, its clear that it was a lower speed crash as the bodies have limbs intact. This means that when MH17 went down there were some controllable lifting surfaces. The fact that there was a large fireball indicates fuel tanks were mostly intact before impact.

The above information leads us to the following different scenarios:

1. The 777 engines were FODded by the Chaff fired from a fighter jet shadowing it; resulting in the crash.

2.  The Ukrainian fighter jets we're shadowing the B777 thinking the Russians would not shoot at them.

3.  Shooting down a commercial airliner and being able to site the detection of a Ukrainian fighter jet as the reason fits right up Russia's propaganda alley.

4. Russian aircraft intercepted the B777 and were targeted by a fire control RADAR resulting in CHAFF dispersal.

Having the cockpit voice and data recorder would give a lot more insight, but given the pretty obvious nature of what has happened and the lack of reporting on the CHAFF, it seems clear all sides have something to hide.

Update 2:

If you want to more insight into this particular type of CHAFF, Google 'Continuous Stream Saturation CHAFF foil'

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  1. No it is not chaff. This is the type of ignorant and misinformed type of nonsense that goes around the die-hard conspiracy idiots. Think about it? The crash site is controlled by the rebels so they would have access to that area where you claim this 'chaff' fell. So think about it why are the rebels not collecting, photographing and showing off this 'chaff' or fabricating it after the event? The Russians would also be all over this. So ask yourself why they are not. Exactly because it is not chaff whatsoever.

    1. Lol, so if a guy at an airplane crash site picks up a piece of aluminum foil and call is Chaff what names are you going to call him? And what exactly is the "conspiracy" that you are talking about?

    2. Strips of aluminum foil on little parachutes slowly floating to the ground. Simple, effective, in use since WW ll :

  2. Wut, playing the "Blame Russia" game, too?

    You are no conspiracy theorist.

    You are either just another pathetic willfully ignorant sheeple or a cheap Nazi lapdog shill.

    1. So in your world there's no chance we're unbiased individuals who spotted what clearly looks to be Cold War era Chaff floating down over the MH17 impact site?

  3. I don't think Russia shot the plane down - at least not deliberately. I believe it was a false flag attack by the U.S.-Israeli-Ukrainian (puppet) coalition to be used to blame Russia. First, remember the Malaysian airliner that disappeared months ago? Malaysia does not diplomatically recognize Israel, and Malaysia has rebuked Israel's massacring of Gazans the past few weeks. Do you think it’s a just coincidence that a Malaysian airliner disappears, subsequently, another Malaysian airliner is shot down? The Zionist-owned & controlled media of the West will demonize Putin's Russia in order to galvanize support for some war campaign against them. Israel hates Russia because Russia defends Syria and Iran - two formidable obstacles to Israel expanding its territory throughout the Middle East and into North Africa. And Russia is a homogenous nation with deep Christian roots, despite the attempts of the Bolshevik Jews to sever the tree from its roots. Russia is the last formidable remnant of Christendom. The Jews fear a nation such as Russia (Moscow) becoming the 3rd Rome. Israel wants multi-culturalism, cultural Marxism and a diminishing Church in all nations throughout the world, while Israel enforces "Jews only" RE immigration to Israel. Double standard and hypocrisy.

    The objective of Israel, and her big whore, America, is to weaken Russia's resolve on the Syrian (and Iranian) front by having them focus more on the Ukrainian / Crimea front, which is a manufactured crisis by the U.S. for recruiting and funding Ukrainian rebels to overthrow a legitimate government / president with loyalty to Moscow and who defied any inclusion into the EU. The U.S., through their dual Israeli-American citizen-operative, Ambassador Victoria Nuland, installed a puppet Ukrainian president who will rape his own people while further enriching the EU oligarchs.

    Here is the Malaysian article condemning Israeli aggression against Gaza. It seems all things Malaysian are expendable these days.

    1. I think that gives a lot of in sight into your personal biases, seems MH17 is sort of public Rorschach test. Its hard to do analysis without bias, In our case we see Cold War era CHAFF over the crash site, others can't fathom that and see toilet paper floating down. Others find it impossible to imagine that governments might do such things on purpose, even those these same governments slaughtered millions of innocent civilians in the 20th century. There really is only one solution to all these evils, and its found in John 13:34
      "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another."

    2. I don't deny the CHAFF, but it could very well have come from a Ukrainian jet, which is a possibility to which you, also, have alluded. I agree with the solution given to us by our Lord in John 13:34, but He also warned us to be on guard, for most people will not take such route of loving one another (IN CHRIST). Christ also said, "Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves." ~ Matthew 10:16 (Douay-Rheims). Also, please take heed of what Christ said in Apocalypse of John (Revelation) 2:9 & 3:9.

      What's going on in Ukraine is proxy war against Russia by the U.S./Israel. Again, the goal is: 1) to weaken Russia's defensive resolve in Syria and Iran. 2) to possibly galvanize support from the American sheeple for direct war against Russia. 3) through war and subsequent regime change, to stop Russia from being an emerging nationalist, homogenous, Christian nation that has banned pervert (fag) "marriage" & propaganda, and prohibited public mockery of the Church. Israel & the West want cultural Marxism in Russia to be reinstated. 5) Prevent Russia from taking payment in other forms of currency for their gas & oil, which is contributing to the debasement the dollar as the world's reserve currency. 6) To prevent BRICS from coming up with a second world reserve currency that could very plausibly replace the dying dollar.

      By the way, Saudi Arabia is working behind the scenes in all of this, too. It's a love triangle between the U.S-British consortia, Israel & Saudi Arabia, all of whom are pushing for all of these wars to effect resource and land capture for themselves.

      Check out this article about Saudi Arabia relocating Takfiri fighters from Syria to Ukraine: