Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ALERT! Suspected US "EBOLA" Case Not Tested, As 60 Exposed Missionaries Evacuate to USA

A CMC hospital spokesman in Charlotte is quoted as stating that "Ebola testing will not be performed" on a suspected EBOLA case because he/she has tested positive for Malaria. This seems to be a very high risk proposition given that some Malaria tests are known to have high false positive rates, and Ebola is known to produce Malaria type symptoms. Nor does having Malaria preclude one from also having Ebola.

Moreover, not testing for EBOLA seems to be the height of medical irresponsibility given that Charlotte is the home base for a known Ebola case, and that 60 more Charlotte based missionaries who have a known Ebola exposure are being evacuated back to the United States.

Finally, if and when Ebola does enter the United States all pressures will be to under report the situation as the economic panic consequences are considered high.


EBOLA Detection Kits Deployed to National Guard Units In All 50 States


  1. As I've said before, the Bankersteins need a pandemic to divert attention away from them engineering the collapse of the economy and fiat dollar. WW3 probably won't be the diversion, because the Parasitic Banking Mafia knows the herd might not rally behind another war since people are waking up to the pretexts that lead to wars. People are finally starting to realize they're being manipulated to support these wars based on lies. Also, these Money Manipulators don't want to risk having the earth tainted with radiation indefinitely due to nuclear fallout. A pandemic will be blamed for collapsing the economy, along with being used as diverting the herd's attention away from their own destitution resulting from being perpetually raped by the Banking Hyenas.

    Anger will be replaced by fear. Aggression towards this Elite - disguised as leading a "democracy" - will be replaced by want for this very cabal to bestow order, "safety" and "health". It's all by design.

    Significant population reduction and a more centralized government - an alibi or excuse for responding to this (engineered) public health threat - is another objective, which will help further crystallize the globalist NWO. People will be so fearful of this unseen killer that they will gladly give up whatever remaining liberty they have these days to the government for their "safety" and "public health". Instead of going after the Vampire Bankers and their puppet government for being complicit in robbing their livelihood and equity, the remaining surviving herd will be asking for Big (Puppet) Brother to feed them, quarantine them and keep them "safe" from whatever virus that's unleashed to do the culling.

  2. There is a cure for Ebola and the US Government published it.
    Nano Silver 10 PPM has been shown definitely to kill Ebola by the US Government in research declassified in 2009! That research is posted at

  3. In the 1st "Alien" movie, 1st Officer Ripley attempted to stop the science officer Ashe from breaking quarantine. She could not. The military industrial complex wanted the alien species for a weapon. The damn thing ended up killing the entire crew. Ebola has been harvested as that alien species. It has been brought on board in proximity to the Georgia Guide Stones