Thursday, June 4, 2015

ALERT! Foreign Traveler Brings MEASLES to Branson Missouri

UPDATE: The local health department now reports the infected person flew into the Springfield - Branson airport on "Friday" ( May 29th): Clearly this case could rapidly have Nationwide fallout with a potentially vaccine resistant measles outbreak.


The Missouri Health Department is reporting that a Foreign Traveler brought measles into 
Branson Missouri. The infected person has been placed in isolation since May 31st.

Unfortunately given today's political environment it is unclear whether "Foreign Traveler" means tourist or illegal alien. Its an important distinction given that a tourist would likely have exposed many people for an extended period of time while visiting the many musical theater shows in Branson. Whereas, an illegal alien may have less exposure to tourists.

In either case, we believe that because of the extended exposures of crowds attending infected musical theaters that this measles outbreak may be much worse than last year's Disneyland outbreak where potential exposure times were small.

Its also important to note that the MMR vaccines appear to have a high failure rate with the genotype B3 measles which has been recently entering the USA from Mexico and the Philippines.

Because of the high vaccine failure rates, we believe avoidance of infected locations is wise. Obviously going to Branson will remain risky for the near future.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ALERT! CDC Issues Human Bird Flu ALERT

The Centers for Disease Control just released an alert warning doctors about the risk, spread, and treatment of Bird Flu in the United States. The risk is tied to the outbreak of Bird Flu in US poultry flocks.

Because of the Summer type weather, our risk analysis is that the immediate primary risk comes from direct contact with bird feces, dead birds, infected humans, and locations where bird flu may become aerosolized (such as County Fairs, Poultry Farms and Medical Facilities)

We do not expect wide spread fatal human to human spread within the next 4 months. But we do see an increased risk for disruptions to the  national medical system.

Our risk mitigation posture includes:

(1) Using Hibiclens surgical scrub
(2) Avoiding contact with bird feces
(3) Maintaining vigilance for USDA wild bird culls as an early warning indicator


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