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April 1st is a good time to stay way upwind of the DOE's WIPP facility outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico. News reports indicate that mine workers will re-enter the WIPP facility via the Salt Shaft on April 1st; movement of that elevator will likely displace a volume of  Plutonium laden air greater than the HEPA filter system can handle. The result being a potentially large escape of radioactive material up the Salt Shaft and into the environment.

There is also an increased risk of explosion at the WIPP facility. That explosion risk is mostly tied to the build up explosive gases generated by the radioactive waste products. If such a situation should occur, the emergency response and any evacuation order may be hampered by confusion arising from under taking such a risky procedure during April Fool's day. BE PREPARED!


ALERT Further Explosions Possible! 4th Radiological Incident At WIPP, Highest Reading Since 2/17/14

US Licensing LIVE Rabies Based EBOLA Vaccine, Preps Pandemic Quarantine Stations & Injury Fund

Just in time for the most recent outbreak of Ebola in Africa, which potentially has already spread into North America via Canada, the National Institute for Health is licensing a Rabies based Ebola vaccine produced by Exxell Bio.

"trivalent filovirus vaccine based on killed rabies virus virions for use in humans to confer protection from all medically relevant filoviruses and RABV. Two additional vectors containing EBOV Sudan GP or MARV GP are planned to be constructed in addition to the previously developed EBOV Zaire GP containing vaccine. Live attenuated vaccines have been developed for use in at risk nonhuman primate populations in Africa and inactivated vaccines have been developed for use in humans."

Basically, what they have done here is taken the Rabies virus and altered its exterior coating to contain Ebola proteins. So if all works as planned, the person vaccinated is protected from Rabies and Ebola. Or course such things often have unintended consequences, we'll make a wager that giving live attenuated Ebola modified Rabies vaccines to wild non-human primates in Africa may result in some unusual and deadly selection pressures.

These efforts seem to tie in with recent government contracts to increase capacities at CDC Quarantine Stations located throughout the country. In similar regard, the government has also laid out its plans to reimburse people from injuries caused by governmental Pandemic actions. All these actions are tied in with a large Federal effort to mitigate the impact of a Zero Day Pandemic Exploit. (see sources below)


Prospective Grant of Exclusive License: Multivalent Vaccines for Rabies Virus and Ebola and Marburg (Filoviruses)

US Government Showing Major Concern For A Devastating ZERO DAY Pandemic Exploit

Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program: Pandemic Influenza Countermeasures Injury Table

edited to add a research study on this type of vaccine-

Antibody Quality and Protection from Lethal Ebola Virus Challenge in Nonhuman Primates Immunized with Rabies Virus Based Bivalent Vaccine

Monday, March 24, 2014

US Government Showing Major Concern For A Devastating ZERO DAY Pandemic Exploit

The US Government [USG] is showing great concern that a nationally devastating pandemic may be at hand. Specifically USG is preparing for a zero day exploit of a transmittable pathogen with no known cure or available vaccination. In that regard, USG is taking the following steps.

1) The CDC is upgrading capacity and capability at Quarantine Stations throughout the United States.

2) USG is prepping CDC, HHS, and et al, to relocate and continue operations within 12 hours of their primary operating locations being wiped out.

3) USG is now maintaining a year round stockpile of vaccine producing eggs, for the sole purpose of rapidly responding to Zero Day threats.

4) CDC has accepted an UNSOLICITED proposal from Genentech for a nationwide proprietary antiviral distribution network.

5) USG is tying in all pandemic operations and public health operations across all levels of government with law enforcement via the Department of Homeland Security 

Its unclear if these actions are specifically tied to H7N9 Bird Flu, but USG did VASTLY start increasing its biomedical counter measure capability in conjunction with H7N9's appearance. Our own opinion is that things like H7N9 have happened thousands of times before but gone unnoticed. 

The only thing we really know for sure is that Biomedical industry is getting a lot of money and near term job security thrown at it via tax payer dollars, and that kind of money is not spent without some sort of medical mandate being forced upon the citizenry.

However, there are some intriguing hints in some of the contracts the government is releasing (as we listed above), the following quote indicates all these actions are taking place as a result of a recent inflection point.
"A changing threat environment and recent events emphasize the need for COOP capabilities that will enable AHRQ to continue its essential functions across a broad spectrum of emergencies. COOP planning establishes operational procedures to sustain essential functions if normal operations are not feasible and guides the restoration of AHRQ to full operational status following an emergency. The AHRQ COOP Plan will provide for attaining operational capability within 12 hours and sustaining operations for up to 30 days or longer as the result of a catastrophic event or a national security emergency"

If we had to make a guess, it would appear that the world's players are pre positioning the men and equipment on their chess boards in preparation for the outbreak of World War III. And seemingly, part of USG's chess preparation involves readying for the first volleys (natural or otherwise) of that conflict to be biological in nature.

In the end its not clear if there is an imminent biological threat, but cost effective preparation for such an event is wise. It is also wise to be prepared to have health care mandates forced upon you, regardless of their true necessity.


Dynamic Year-Round supply of Embryonated Eggs for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Tamiflu Distribution Network

Friday, March 21, 2014

ALERT Further Explosions Possible! 4th Radiological Incident At WIPP, Highest Reading Since 2/17/14


The situation at WIPP is unstable, another large underground radiological upset occurred on March 13th. WIPP has NOT publicly acknowledged this most recent event, but its existence is documented in readings taken from mine exhaust air at Station A. That data shows a 1000% increase in radiation on 3/13/14; with a reported Alpha radiation reading of 368 Disintegrations Per Minute [DPM] and 57 DPM's of Beta radiation. Post HEPA filter Station B readings have NOT been made available. 

The magnitude of the March 13th radiological spike is on par with readings taken nearly a month ago on February 17th roughly 3 days after the initial explosion. The risk of  larger follow-on explosions at WIPP can NOT be ruled out. We expect the follow-on risk of explosion will increase during mine re-entry, as that activity may ignite explosive gases generated by the nuclear waste.

Data from Station A:


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ALERT! New Mexico Emergency Officials Admit WIPP Radioactive Exhaust Bypassed HEPA Filter System

The Eddy County, NM Office of Emergency Services has posted an admission to Facebook that WIPP's HEPA filters had a design 'feature' which allowed a "small amount" of exhaust air to bypass the HEPA filter system.

However, a "small" HEPA  bypass would not explain why WIPP's sampling system measured more Plutonium 10 hours AFTER the explosion than during the actual explosion, whereas the pre filter samples showed massively more contamination during the explosion; as shown by this WIPP chart provided by the National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

Post HEPA Radioactive samples highest 10 hours AFTER explosion

Radioactive Readings Largest DURING EXPLOSION

An analysis of WIPP's data, plus information from a source connected with WIPP, indicates that the HEPA filters were not turned on until after the majority of the Radioactivity escaped, otherwise that HEPA bypass must have been designed to vent to the outside during explosive pressures.


Monday, March 17, 2014

ALERT! A 2nd Plutonium Spike Has Occurred At WIPP

Remain prepared to evacuate within 200 miles of WIPP within a moments notice.

It is no coincidence that WIPP is furiously working to add a real time Continuous Air Monitor to the mine shaft Exhaust Vent at WIPP. 

We have warned of the increased probability of an additional explosion at WIPP resultant from their now massively out of spec ventilation system. Based on data from CEMRC, it appears there was a follow on radioactive spike at WIPP as measured by filters recovered February 23rd 2014.

While the 2/23/14 Plutonium spike appears much less than the Valentine's day spike, the important factor of note is that the process which caused the Valentine's day explosion is still ongoing. It should also be noted the CEMRC suspiciously changed their sampling reporting style concurrent with this new event in such a manner that the change served to obfuscate the obviousness of the spike.

CEMRC switched their reporting to a daily aggregate of filter samples with data starting 2/22/14. Aggregate reporting serves to peanut butter out large radioactive volumetric spike rates which occurred during a short time period into a greatly reduced spike smoothed out over a larger time period. Even with that distortion, the 2/23 spike was at least 400% greater than the previous days.

Had CEMRC maintained an Engineering Consistency in how they reported their measurements, it is likely the true amount of Plutonium measured per cubic meter would have shown 10 to 100 times greater than reported.

It is also clear from the WIPP data that HEPA filters were not activated until the majority of Plutonium had escaped on Valentine's day; see the above video for more details

Data as reported by CEMRC:


The Explosive Plutonium Release At WIPP Likely Will Be Tied to the 2/14/14 Closure of a Ventilation Regulator In 707 Bulkhead

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Explosive Plutonium Release At WIPP Likely Will Be Tied to the 2/14/14 Closure of a Ventilation Regulator In 707 Bulkhead

We read through DOE's report on the 2/5/14 fire at the WIPP facility with an eye on spotting ventilation system configurations which could result in the build up of explosive gases produced by the radioactive waste. Key information pointing to the root cause of a explosive gas build up is found on page 35 of DOE's report on the 2/5/14 fire; notice the information we quoted and bolded in their statement below. We suspect that the regulator action mentioned is at the root cause of the February 14th explosion and radioactive release at the WIPP facility.

"707 bulkhead door that divides the construction split from the disposal split requires
manual operation and cannot be remotely shut, which is necessary for shifting to
filtration mode.  During the initial entries after the event, underground services shut the 707 bulkhead door and regulator the afternoon of February 14, 2014.  This
allowed the ventilation system to be placed in filtration mode.  After the radiological
event the evening of February 14, 2014, it would not have been possible to place the
ventilation in filtration mode if 707 bulkhead door had remained open."

 It is important to note that the WIPP facility has been trying to eliminate EPA requirements that they check for explosive gases. WIPPs desire to abandon such costly testing was based on an analysis claiming it was not possible for gas to build to explosive levels. Of course, that analysis would have been based on the on the assumption that the ventilation system was operating within design specifications. It is important to note that the location of the initial radiation alarm was precisely at the location where the analysis indicated explosive gases were most likely to concentrate.

Obviously after the fire, the ventilation system was no longer within design specifications, and the chance of explosion from combustible gases greatly increased. And more importantly for the risk of additional explosions and radioactive releases, the 2/14/14 explosion has resulted in the mine ventilation being massively out of spec. We believe the risk of additional explosive releases of radioactive materials at the WIPP facility is very high.


The Document Trail Points To a RADIATION INDUCED EXPLOSION At DOE Plutonium Disposal Plant

Thursday, March 13, 2014

WIPP's Radiation Detection Equipment Was Overwhelmed By Explosive Plutonium Release

It was (and still is) mathematically and physically impossible for the exhaust air sampling equipment used at DOE's WIPP facility to measure or even accurately estimate the totality of the Radioactive weapon's grade Plutonium which was released into the air during the Valentine's day underground explosion.

Any calculation of the size of the Plutonium release based on WIPPs exhaust sampling data is at best only an educated guess.The short of it is that the system was not designed to be able to quantify the radioactive releases which started on Valentine's day.

The sampling equipment used by DOE WIPP was basically designed to estimate how much radioactive material a human could have inhaled had that person been standing inside the exhaust vent. Given the current situation, that's sort of like trying to estimate the size of Tsunami by measuring how much salt water a person standing on the beach could have drank during the Tsunami.

The air samplers used by DOE WIPP intake approximately 70 cubic meters of air per day, not coincidental a human breathes in roughly 70 cubic meters of air per day. The WIPP exhaust system on the other hand, has the capability to exhaust 28,800,000 cubic meters of air per day. The problem with trying to figured out what was in nearly 29 million cubic meters of air when you only sampled only 70 cubic meters is obvious to most people, especially when the release was non uniform and explosive in nature.

Two things are key in understanding why DOE WIPP's exhaust air sampling is not up to snuff:

(1) The "Nyquist sampling theorem" [NST]

(2) Applying NST to sampling a physically continuous process involving a potentially compressible gas flow containing potentially discontinuous densities of radioactive materials, all of which may be disturbed by the sampling process itself .

We list the above for anyone who wants to figure out and verify the math of the simplified explanation we offer below.

In video terminology, the problem with WIPP sensors is that the frame rate they are using to sample the system is not matched to the frame rate at which the system is operating. The result being missing data, pixelation, skewing, aliasing, and etc.

In data rate terminology, the exhuast is outputting information at Gigabit rates and the sampling system is capturing data in kilobit rates. The result is that the receiver is overwhelmed and misses data, yet it appears as if it is supplying useful data.

In real physical terms, to even attempt to accurately capture the radioactive nature of the exhaust stream, the sampling system air intake draw must at all times match the velocity of exhaust system so as to not alter the radioactive density of the sampled stream. The simplest way to visualize this sampling concept is to think of how people get on and off of contentiously moving amusement park rides like the Haunted Mansion at Disney World.

To safely extract people from the Disney's Haunted Mansion Ride, people step out of their continuously moving carts onto a continuously moving sidewalk whose velocity is exactly matched to that of the carts. In the same manner, to preserve the airborne density of continuously moving radioactive exhaust air at WIPP, the sampling system must have its draw velocity exactly matched to that of the radioactive exhaust stream.

Either under sampling or oversampling the stream damages the measurement density; just akin to how a person might be damaged when stepping off of a moving ride and onto a moving side walk which is moving either too fast or too slow relative to the ride's velocity. Of course, the problem becomes even more complex when the radioactive release is explosive in nature. Unfortunately, based on CEMRC's data, it's clear that WIPP only has a very rudimentary exhaust air sampling system which has no hope of identifying how much Plutonium was released into the environment.

So having hopefully read through our analysis, it should be abundantly clear the DOE WIPP doesn't really know how much Plutonium was released into the air, their best guess only serves to underestimate what actually happened. Toss in the fact that WIPP has no clue what was released via the other non monitored shafts at their facility.  And it should be clear that any assurances of safety fall short of what the data can actually mathematically support; even if one assumes that WIPP / DOE/ CEMRC analyze the data honestly. Unfortunately, the data they have released does not mesh well (if at all) with the narrative they are pressing on the public.

In the end,  watch the following video of smoke billowing out of the Salt Shaft at WIPP during the 2/5/14 fire, and consider that if they had only measured the smoke coming out of the exhaust stack WIPP would have claimed that little or no smoke was released.
Direct link to WIPP fire video:

 Source data:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feminism's Monstrous Fairytale

In 1992 feminist Anna Quindlen won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary.  A year later, she followed up the award with a speech to the Twin cities Chapter of the Betsy-Tacy Society where she announced to the world (or at least to a room full of young girls and their mothers, because boys rarely read the stories of  Besty, Tacy and Tib) that Elizabeth Warrington Ray was a feminist icon. 

I found out a week ago.

Not being of the feminist persuasion, I rarely run across them in my studies of the Bible, non-fiction literature and the rare piece of classic fiction.  (Taylor Caldwell is an admitted weakness.)  So I had no idea who Anna Quindlen was when I purchased a copy of the recently republished Betsy and the Great World / Betsy’s Wedding (HarperCollins) with Ms. Quindlens’ speech in the foreword.  I know now.

Feminism is about choices, Ms. Quindlen takes great care to tell us early into her speech.  A point, she claims, that has been grossly distorted over the years, lied about, twisted and generally just misrepresented.  She may be right.  Every time I see someone proclaim they are a feminist (even Christians), they always say feminism is about equal rights.  The right of a woman to do anything a man can do.  That’s all, they say.  But I think Ms. Quindlen is more precise.  Feminism is about choices.

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Betsy is the feminist icon, readers are told, not because she made choices, but because she never had to pay for her choices.  In other words, she lived the feminist fairy tale.  She had the “organized and conditioned” life such as described by feminisms' founders like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, regarding the development of the Declaration of Sentiments, and no one ever told Betsy “no”.  No hardships entered her life; she married the handsome, successful guy.

The icon of girlhood, Anne (with an "e") Shirley, was excluded from the running because she was an orphan.  And Jo,  Jo March.  Stalwart, sensible Jo with her heart of gold who cared for orphans (see Little Men and Jo’s Boys,) was deemed unworthy because she didn’t marry the prince.  

Fairy tales do matter in feminism, and if you make the wrong choices (like choosing the wonderful Professor instead of the flighty Laurie) you’re out of the club.  That’s the place in the foreword where I stopped reading, fetched my Exacto knife and did irreparable harm to.a.BOOK.

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of  the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Perhaps the most important choice in feminism is to be or not to be a mother.  In 2006, Ms. Quindlen, a self professed patient,  told a Planned Parenthood fundraisingaudienceI’ve discovered that motherhood is so challenging and so critical to society that to force it on a woman is immoral”.  Roe v. Wade, the legalized killing of preborn infants, was probably the highlight of the second wave of feminism.  Or so they say.  It doesn’t take much observation of the history of feminism to see that even these most abhorrent post modern ideologies have really been present since the beginning.

In 1896 Martha Cannon became the highest female government office holder when she won election to the Utah state senate.  She was a suffragette (feminist): “Women are better than men.  Slaves are always better than their masters”; a Mormon: “A plural wife isn’t half as much a slave as a single wife”; and of course pro choice: “Someday there will be a law compelling people to have no more than a certain amount of children, and the mothers of the land can live as they ought to live”.
The appeal of sacrificing children on the altar of better things, whether it is rain for the crops, defeat of the enemy, or promotion up the corporate ladder, has been a feature of nations down through history.
 “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

If you become the first generation of Americans to accord women full equality instead of grudging acceptance, will you not have done better than we did?” Ms. Quindlen asked the graduating class of Wesleyan University in 2009.  Equal rights, such as women's suffrage, characterized the first wave of feminism following the Civil War. But it was not, and is not the foundation of “choice” Ms. Quindlen and her predecessors want.  Egalitarianism is what they are after. 

Beyonce, mainstream artist and Presidentially approved role model, has set the tone of the third wave of feminism.   While she acts out the intimacy of her marriage onstage, in song and on national television, feminists applaud “the Boss’s”  courage to say women should express themselves sexually just as freely as men.  Like all aspects of feminism, it is not a new ideal.  The sexual equality appeal rose to prominence in the Free Love movement fostered by Frances Wright early in the 19th century.

No, the right to vote was never the main act.  It was just foreplay.   Is this third wave, choosing to sink (perhaps naked, on a wrecking ball) unreprimanded, to the lowest rung of male crudeness, where true egalitarianism will be found? Is this where the happily ever after for women begins?  

The defining moment of the third wave has not yet happened.  I, for one, do not look forward to its climax.

 “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ALERT! Prima Facie Evidence HEPA FILTERs DELAYED START & CERMC Obfuscated WIPP Release Data


DOE Charts released today show at least 4 important things

(1) The UNFILTERED radioactive release was greatest at the START OF THE EXPLOSION, prior to 6:30 AM on 2/15/14

(2) Yet, HEPA filtered AIR indicated the highest radioactive release was between 8:35AM - 2:45PM on 2/15/14--- LONG AFTER THE EXPLOSION

(3) The above data (1&2), as reported by DOE, indicates that HEPA filters DID NOT  rapidly or automatically activate during the highest release time period; but rather, HEPA filters only activated some time after the highest Plutonium + Americium releases occurred into the environment.

(4) CERMC analysis of post HEPA filtration data served to OBFUSCATE the Plutonium release discrepancy. 

Hitherto, on 3/6 we alerted that there was a Smoking Gun in the CERMC data; "the delay in testing Station B functions to obscure the peak radioactive releases" . The Station "B" sample data had been peanut buttered out over a 4 day period. In essence, reporting the data in that manner makes it appear that it was a uniformly constant radioactive release over that entire time period. Today, DOE WIPP released readings from Station A and Station B air filters point to CEMRC's obfuscation.

 DOE indicates these filters were the source of CERMC's readings. More importantly these readings show that the radioactive release was actually measured in MUCH Finer detail than the CERMC data portrays.

CERMC Station B's  1st reported reading 
Filter ran from 2/14/2014  7:55:00 AM to 2/18/2014  4:55:00 PM

DOE's readings indicate that CERMC's report was actually a composite of ELEVEN separate filter samples.

Hopefully some one at DOE, WIPP, CERMC will rapidly and truthfully explain these discrepancies. But don't hold your breath waiting for them to do so. You'd be better served holding your breath if you lived down wind of WIPP.

You would also be better served preparing to evacuate in the advent of a 2nd explosion at WIPP. We believe it is likely that ventilation instabilities related to the 2/5/14 fire resulted in the build up and explosion combustible gases on 2/14/14. Given that the ventilation system is in even much less stable after the explosion, an another gas build up and explosion is to be expected. 



Thursday, March 6, 2014

UNCONFIRMED: RUSSIA Diverting US Ammunition Exports In Preparation For "Contra-Style" War in Ukraine

We have seen several unconfirmed, but believable reports that both the Russians and Ukrainians are halting export of small arms ammunition to the United States. Some see this self imposed shutoff as an action taken to further neuter Obama's action to do the same; however a much simpler rationale exists.

IF the reports that the Russians and Ukrainians have shut down exports under their own volition are true, the obvious reason for that action is that they have immediate need for that ammo at home. Russia could certainly redirect that ammo to Crimean paramilitaries in a Contra style operation.

Seems as if the odds of a shooting war in the region have just shot up.


WIPP / CERMC sampled exit exhaust air only ONCE during a 4 day period (Station B), where as Station A (where air enters the exhaust system) was being sampled THREE TIMES PER DAY.

We are currently analyzing the data, but the delay in testing Station B functions to obscure the peak radioactive releases during what appears to be an extended period prior to HEPA filter start.

There is an additional smoking gun which we covered in the post previous to this one, namely that the detection of Cesium 137 points to significant underground damage ( 2nd link below)


ALERT! Airborne Cesium 137 Was Detected At WIPP Facility: Sign of SIGNIFICANT UNDERGROUND DAMAGE

ALERT! Airborne Cesium 137 Was Detected At WIPP Facility: Sign of SIGNIFICANT UNDERGROUND DAMAGE

New (and better documented) data has been released by CEMRC showing that Cesium 137 was initially detected during the explosion at WIPP. This detection is a bad sign for two reasons:

(1) It shows that the explosion and its after affects were strong enough to affect the highly radioactive "Remote Handled" TRansUranic waste (RH-TRU).

(2) It is indicative of severe underground destruction, as RH-TRU wastes are stored in sealed boreholes drilled into the walls of the Panel rooms.

Many questions still remain, a good portion of which could be cleared up IF more raw data was released on the ambient air detections. We suspect there is good reason why that data seems to be obfuscated, as there is no plausible deniability that those readings were mitigated by HEPA filters.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good News! & It's Believable: 13 WIPP Employee's Test NEGATIVE For Plutonium & Americium Exposure

A news report came out this evening that follow up tests indicate no Plutonium or Americium exposure in 13 employees who had shown preliminary indications of exposure. Of course, once again no raw (or detail) data was released by which to confirm the analysis or report. Unfortunately we have seen a significant amount of information come out of WIPP which we believe has been deceptive, so it would reassuring to see more detail so that we may both trust and verify.

However, given the high winds on the evening of the release, and our estimate that 99% of the release happened over a 7 minute period (more on the later in a follow on report), it is plausible that there was only a narrow cone shaped area of possible exposure which extended North West from the exhaust stack. Hence, employee's testing negative is believable good news.

People in the direct line of this exhaust path would be at risk, as would anyone in a building that had an air intake in that path. But there is at least one person of special interest who may have had significant exposure, the person whose job it was to go outside and manually activate the HEPA filter system.

Lets just hope there is no follow on info which draws things into question again.


The Economics of Shutting Down the WIPP Plutonium Dispersal Site, And Why It May Explode Again.

Seems many people in Carlsbad are concerned about losing their jobs and their health. Word is that people are being told to shut up about the situation in order to save their jobs. But, the math of the economics don't support staying silent.

WIPP was near the end of its life cycle when the explosion happened, the majority of its storage rooms were full.  The costs of keeping the WIPP site open for only a limited amount of future space have just skyrocketed to the point where previously more expensive alternatives are now cheaper and more assessable in the near term.

Moreover, DOE WIPP has tried to blame the disaster on a ceiling collapse, as opposed to an explosion which might have caused a ceiling collapse. A ceiling collapse basically rules out  WIPP's future use because it points to an unknown engineering instability that is difficult and expensive to control. Meaning that expanding WIPP's storage capacity enough to average out the costs of the attempted (and neigh impossible) cleanup is highly unlikely and very risky.

On the other hand, an explosion caused by a buildup of Hydrogen and Methane is something that engineering has a chance of mitigating. Albeit, admitting an explosion would be highly embarrassing considering that WIPP has been trying to remove requirements to check for explosive gas build up based on a mathematical analysis indicating that it was impossible for the gases to concentrate to explosive concentrations.

Unfortunately for WIPP and all of us downwind, simulations predicting something is impossible are often based on very flimsy assumptions and ground rules; assumptions like the ventilation system being properly run. It seems that ventilation assumption was thrown out the shaft during the Feb 5th fire when smoke was seen billowing from the Salt shaft. All smoke should have exhausted through the ventilation system.

So, there's a ventilation system in apparent dysfunction, and then nine days later  an event occurs in ROOM 7, the exact place where the simulation indicated explosive gases were most likely to build up. And then, there's a reported rate of radioactive release which also points to explosion.

In the after math of the disaster, we find out that WIPP is attempting to "stabilize" the ventilation system. Obviously meaning, WIPP is back at square one with a ventilation system in apparent dysfunction with explosion damage. As such, assumptions that explosive gases won't build up should be thrown out the window. BE PREPARED TO EVACUATE AT A MOMENTS NOTICE

At best, the economics point to WIPP trying to stabilize the ventilation system to the point that the mine can be sealed up. The best the locals should hope for is a massive flux of money to clean up the mess and prevent it from reoccurring. Yet, how can such funding be appropriated when all are lead to believe that the disaster was a non-event.  They claim the disaster was some 804 TIMES less than a EPA reportable event. Or to put it another way, they are claiming that the same event would have had to happen again an additional 804 times during that week before it would have become "reportable" to the EPA.

To hold out hope that DOE will keep the site in operation one has to believe the following.

(1) the ventilation system can be stabilized before another explosion occurs.
(2) Workers have to able to safely enter a mine with a ceiling collapse, and clean distributed weapons grade Plutonium off of every working surface.
(3) That #2 can be done without releasing more Plutonium into the air and without contaminating the equipment being used beyond the point of being usable.
(4) That #2 & #3 can be done in an environment of uncertain structural stability.
(5) That engineers can somehow declare the mine structurally safe for further use for a mine collapse they didn't see coming.
(6) That the opportunity costs associated with doing 1-5 are less than alternatives operations at other locations.

Its pretty clear that short of a National Security Issue and a Chernobyl style cadre of "human robots", the WIPP site restart is a non starter. The only question is will there be enough money to fund a clean up of something that supposedly didn't get dirty.




In the early stage of the WIPP disaster, CERMC put its reputation, and the safety of the public on the line with this direct quote (as provided by the CurrentArgus newspaper)

"The levels detected during this time period are higher than the normal background levels of radioactivity from transuranic elements commonly found at this sampling station, thus their presence during this specific time frame appears to indicate a small release of radioactive particles from the WIPP underground exhaust shaft in the brief moments following when the radiation event occurred and when the WIPP ventilation system shifted to the filtration mode," 

Today, CERMC has passed the buck on the assertion of  "automatic" filtration over to DOE officials, and placed it squarely on their shoulders.

"As stated by DOE officials, in the event of a radioactive detection in the underground, the ventilation system lowers the fan speed and automatically shifts to a “filtration” mode; whereby all of the exhaust shaft effluent passes through a large bank of High Efficiency Particulate Absorption (HEPA) filters designed to remove 99.97% of all radioactive particles from the air before exiting into the environment."

Originally we accepted CEMRC's and DOE's statements as truthful; but based on MATH and INSIDER INFORMATION about WIPP, the POTRBLOG team has come to believe that the HEPA filter system DID NOT 'automatically' shift into filtration mode.

We suspect that approximately 33 minutes passed before the HEPA filtration system was manually activated. Our calculations, based on the authority's numbers, indicate, 99% of the radiation was released in the first seven minutes, AVERAGING 2,030 Becquerels per Cubic meter of exhaust air during those 7 minutes. We estimate 284 MILLION Becquerels of Plutonium and Americium was released in those 7 minutes. We have come to call this seeming coverup of information- HEPAgate.

It seems CEMRC has taken an important legal step in distancing itself from claims of automatic and/or brief moments of unfiltered radioactive exhaust escaping from WIPP. Its an important step, in what we expect will soon be a rapid round of finger pointing surrounding everyone involved in the disaster.

How long will it be until a Special prosecutor starts asking all involved, "what did they know and when did they know it"?

Maybe in the mean time they will be brave enough to release RAW data from the detections; don't hold your breath! On second thought,  maybe you should hold it if you live within 200 miles of WIPP.


WIPP MATH ALERT! 33 Minute DELAY In HEPA FILTER Start After Radiation Alarm Sounded

Sunday, March 2, 2014

WIPP MATH ALERT! 33 Minute DELAY In HEPA FILTER Start After Radiation Alarm Sounded

Our calculations show that the existing data released by the authorities points to the conclusion that the DOE WIPP site spewed out Plutonium laden air for at least 33 minutes after the initial Hydrogen / Methane explosion, PRIOR TO the HEPA filters being switched on.

Those who investigated Watergate "followed the money" to investigate the break-in; we here at the POTRBLOG site "FOLLOW THE MATH" to investigate WIPPgate, HEPA-GATE, Lung Cancer- Gate, what ever you want to call it.

 Likewise, we have a proven reliable WIPP inside source reminiscent of a "Linda Susan Boreman" pseudonym. That inside source was able to provide us data DAYS before WIPP made it public; such as the fact the WIPP site had a detection in the MILLIONS of Disintegrations Per Minute.

Even with an inside source at WIPP, our MATH presumption is (and has been) that authorities are truthful and honest with their information and data that they release about the WIPP's Plutonium disaster. However, we do follow the adage of "TRUST BUT VERIFY". In that regard, we compare the math which results from the data they have released, to the reassuring narrative they feed to the public.

So far the official data we have used is based on information from a "engineering" group funded by DOE which goes by the acronym CERMC.  Their data is from an air filter which was running days before and days after in what they described as the "Brief Moments" during which un-HEPA filtered Plutonium and Americium contaminated air was released from WIPP's ventilation system.  DOE has also described a "automatic" activation of the HEPA filters after the radiation alarm sounded.

Since it is our policy to take the officials (and their data) at their word, we have used a Cost As a Independent Variable (CAIV) type strategy to calculate the size and density of the Plutonium release, using a "Brief Moment" 30 second HEPA filter automatic start time as the INDEPENDENT variable from which to calculate both the radioactive density of the Plutonium cloud in Becquerels per cubic meter and the size of the cloud in cubic meters. We have used that methodology because the radioactive density reported to the public by CEMRC assumed the released happened over a 7 period, instead of the "brief moments" they claimed.

When we "followed the math", the story didn't square with what the public was told, ie 'the release was less than EPA reportable requirements' (supposedly 37bq/m^3 for Plutonium). In fact, the math showed levels thousands of times greater than EPA reportable requirements for Plutonium.  

Fast forward to Thursday 2/27/14 when our inside WIPP source responded to a report we did concerning WIPPs very significant efforts to STABILIZE the Ventilations system. We were provided some utterly shocking information by the inside source, which has forced us to abandon using a 30 second "Brief Moments" automatic HEPA filter ventilation switch over in the aftermath of the Radiation Alarm as the INDEPENDENT VARIABLE by which to do the calculations. Its clear to us that we have a much better chance of knowing the truth if we calculate how long it took for someone to switch the HEPA filters on, assuming that all the other information is truthful.

In that regard we are now using the reportable EPA Plutonium limit of 37 Bq/M^3 as the independent variable. That EPA limit makes for a better independent variable, because one  might assume there is some sort of legal penalty for lying about exceeding it. So, assuming all the other information provided by the authorities is truthful, we can calculate how long it took to for someone to turn the HEPA filters on by holding 37 Bq/M^3 as the number that must be met for all else to be true.

Based on that, the MATH says it took somebody at WIPP around 33 minutes to switch on the HEPA filters after the radiation alarm initially sounded. We pray he/she was UPwind of the release the entire time, else we fear he/she may meet the same end which the "human robots" did at Chernobyl. 

The people downwind still have a lot to be concerned about too. Because, either by deception or incompetence, the authorities are weaving a very tangled web in which  the math of their claims undermines the veracity of their public statements. Be wise, BE PREPARED TO EVACUATE!

3/2/14 Edited to add Epilogue, the last key thing to consider is that the Plutonium release would not have been a uniformly distributed 37 Bq/m^3 during that 33 minute unfiltered release of Plutonium. There would have been an initial massive spike in radiation density during the first minutes of the release (tied to the initial explosion). With that in mind, from a EPA reporting standpoint it would have been in WIPP's interest to delay the activation of the HEPA filters until the average radioactive density of the Plutonium cloud dropped below "reportable levels".