Sunday, March 2, 2014

WIPP MATH ALERT! 33 Minute DELAY In HEPA FILTER Start After Radiation Alarm Sounded

Our calculations show that the existing data released by the authorities points to the conclusion that the DOE WIPP site spewed out Plutonium laden air for at least 33 minutes after the initial Hydrogen / Methane explosion, PRIOR TO the HEPA filters being switched on.

Those who investigated Watergate "followed the money" to investigate the break-in; we here at the POTRBLOG site "FOLLOW THE MATH" to investigate WIPPgate, HEPA-GATE, Lung Cancer- Gate, what ever you want to call it.

 Likewise, we have a proven reliable WIPP inside source reminiscent of a "Linda Susan Boreman" pseudonym. That inside source was able to provide us data DAYS before WIPP made it public; such as the fact the WIPP site had a detection in the MILLIONS of Disintegrations Per Minute.

Even with an inside source at WIPP, our MATH presumption is (and has been) that authorities are truthful and honest with their information and data that they release about the WIPP's Plutonium disaster. However, we do follow the adage of "TRUST BUT VERIFY". In that regard, we compare the math which results from the data they have released, to the reassuring narrative they feed to the public.

So far the official data we have used is based on information from a "engineering" group funded by DOE which goes by the acronym CERMC.  Their data is from an air filter which was running days before and days after in what they described as the "Brief Moments" during which un-HEPA filtered Plutonium and Americium contaminated air was released from WIPP's ventilation system.  DOE has also described a "automatic" activation of the HEPA filters after the radiation alarm sounded.

Since it is our policy to take the officials (and their data) at their word, we have used a Cost As a Independent Variable (CAIV) type strategy to calculate the size and density of the Plutonium release, using a "Brief Moment" 30 second HEPA filter automatic start time as the INDEPENDENT variable from which to calculate both the radioactive density of the Plutonium cloud in Becquerels per cubic meter and the size of the cloud in cubic meters. We have used that methodology because the radioactive density reported to the public by CEMRC assumed the released happened over a 7 period, instead of the "brief moments" they claimed.

When we "followed the math", the story didn't square with what the public was told, ie 'the release was less than EPA reportable requirements' (supposedly 37bq/m^3 for Plutonium). In fact, the math showed levels thousands of times greater than EPA reportable requirements for Plutonium.  

Fast forward to Thursday 2/27/14 when our inside WIPP source responded to a report we did concerning WIPPs very significant efforts to STABILIZE the Ventilations system. We were provided some utterly shocking information by the inside source, which has forced us to abandon using a 30 second "Brief Moments" automatic HEPA filter ventilation switch over in the aftermath of the Radiation Alarm as the INDEPENDENT VARIABLE by which to do the calculations. Its clear to us that we have a much better chance of knowing the truth if we calculate how long it took for someone to switch the HEPA filters on, assuming that all the other information is truthful.

In that regard we are now using the reportable EPA Plutonium limit of 37 Bq/M^3 as the independent variable. That EPA limit makes for a better independent variable, because one  might assume there is some sort of legal penalty for lying about exceeding it. So, assuming all the other information provided by the authorities is truthful, we can calculate how long it took to for someone to turn the HEPA filters on by holding 37 Bq/M^3 as the number that must be met for all else to be true.

Based on that, the MATH says it took somebody at WIPP around 33 minutes to switch on the HEPA filters after the radiation alarm initially sounded. We pray he/she was UPwind of the release the entire time, else we fear he/she may meet the same end which the "human robots" did at Chernobyl. 

The people downwind still have a lot to be concerned about too. Because, either by deception or incompetence, the authorities are weaving a very tangled web in which  the math of their claims undermines the veracity of their public statements. Be wise, BE PREPARED TO EVACUATE!

3/2/14 Edited to add Epilogue, the last key thing to consider is that the Plutonium release would not have been a uniformly distributed 37 Bq/m^3 during that 33 minute unfiltered release of Plutonium. There would have been an initial massive spike in radiation density during the first minutes of the release (tied to the initial explosion). With that in mind, from a EPA reporting standpoint it would have been in WIPP's interest to delay the activation of the HEPA filters until the average radioactive density of the Plutonium cloud dropped below "reportable levels".



  1. Shit just got real:


    More info:

    Finland authorities have closed down all the monitors in Ladland, where the jestream from America is coming.

    When Fuku exploded, they closed their whole websites for weeks. When Chernobyl exploded, our gov just collected all the public radiation meters from fire stations etc. and didnt tell people shit.

  3. People who had been in the vicinity of the Three Mile Island meltdown, as well as the sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan near Fukushima, have both reported that they smelled a metallic sort of smell in the air when they encountered the plumes. At the concentrations that you believe might have been released from the WIPP, would there be enough Pu, Am, etc., that people in the vicinity of the plume would be able to smell it? If so, do you think it would stay at a "smellable" concentration even as it moved across the country?

    I am particularly curious about this because I live several states away in the northern midwest, and there was a night this past week (Wed., Feb. 26, from around 7:30 pm to at least 10:30 pm) when a broad swath of my town was filled with a smell that I can only describe as a combination of burnt and metallic. I have never smelled anything quite like that awful smell (it was definitely different from the smell of a diesel engine or petroleum burning). But I have not heard any reports from the communities much closer to the release that indicate any of their residents claim to have smelled anything when the event occurred. And I would have thought that, after twelve days and over 1000 miles, the WIPP plume would certainly have been too dissipated to be smellable. (For all the Fukushima stuff that has wafted across and rained down upon our country, I can say that I NEVER experienced ANY smells relating to that.)

    I hope what I smelled was from a source completely unrelated to the WIPP incident, but given the nature of the smell and the timing shortly after a nuclear accident, I can't avoid at least raising the question of whether it might have been a portion of the WIPP plume.

    1. While I've talked with WW2 people who have held large Plutonium Balls in their hands, I've never met anyone who said they had actually smelled or tasted it. Very much doubt it could be detected by airborne senses outside the narrow corridor of New Mexico in which the winds had initially channeled and concentrated it.

      The most concentrated part of the release happened in the first 7 minutes, probably around 140,000 cubic meters of air, and you detected the smell over a 3 hour period. That 3 hour time period would imply a pretty diffuse cloud, likely too diffuse to be detected by human smell. If it was detectable by smell, you should be able to take surface swipes from environmental surfaces and still detect radioactivity

    2. Thank you. I'm glad to hear that is your assessment. The quantities involved in this release exceed my capacity to visualize them.

      Do you think the Pu/Am is still swirling around the midwest and southwest, or would the jet stream have carried it farther away by now?

    3. Based on data from last week its still pumping out about 7,000 Bq per minute, assuming a high ventilation rate. All the current particles of Plutonium are likely very fine, and travel over long distances.
      The stuff from the original cloud that has not rained out is still flying around the jetstream.

      The stuff that has fallen out of the clouds, will get airborne again during the spring / summer grass fire season in the Southwest.

    4. This is very helpful information. Thanks again.

    5. not to naysay that excellent advice, but a month after Fukushima, i smwlled/tasted metallic -- sfbay area -- and that is worse, a dear friend of mine, who is allergic to iodine, broke out in hives, went to the doctor, he said you know you are allergic, why have you been eating iodine -- she had not.

      so my working theory is that it streams together in air as it does in water, and concentrated pockets are what we encounter. this has been shown with respect to water.

      just saying.

  4. My family in Michigan have heard NOTHING about this on their local or national news

    Big surprise. here's a link to the DOEs EPAs analysis of the TruPac containers

  5. I will throw fuel on your fire. I like in southern Illinois.

    if you are familiar with it monitors gamma radiation in the background. some of the sites are monitored off of the epas radnet at

    some of the sites on use their own geigers, the one at evansville is one of those, so it cant be validated off radnet, but for the past 3-5 days its been giving spikey readings like

    1969 CPM
    NETC.COM © 2014
    Station ID 1:B9F93CA3.8 Evansville, IN, US
    Click here for data charts
    CPM: current 1969 Low 46 High 3137
    Average 605, Deviation 634.7
    Average over last 10 minutes: 1678

    GMC-300E located indoors in NW facing windowsill.
    Last updated: 2014-03-04 21:06:02 GMT+0000

    if this is true evansville is glowing. but none of the other sites have shown spikes even remotely near this level, so with wind it would be something local shows ground level and jet stream

    which is concerning, because at this present time (1515cst) there isnt much ground level wind in the area. (except at the rivers).

    from last night

    1371 CPM
    NETC.COM © 2014
    Station ID 1:B9F93CA3.8 Evansville, IN, US
    Click here for data charts
    CPM: current 1371 Low 46 High 3137
    Average 530, Deviation 608.6
    Average over last 10 minutes: 1225

    similar readings 600-1.5k since saturday morning. previous this site hung at background or below 80 generally on an odd day.

  6. really not average

    2519 CPM
    NETC.COM © 2014
    Station ID 1:B9F93CA3.8 Evansville, IN, US
    Click here for data charts
    CPM: current 2519 Low 46 High 3137
    Average 743, Deviation 717.7
    Average over last 10 minutes: 2152

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