Tuesday, January 31, 2012


  ALERT: North America may have been on the sunlit side of this CME, hence greater levels of Iodine might be expected.  

Correction, a check of the Daylight maps indicates that Russia southwards to Australia and New Zealand were under daylight conditions during the CME.

As predicted by the POTRBLOG team on January 21st. "The evidence for such effects would be distributed and difficult to localize detections of fresh radioactive fallout" .

Radioactive Iodine is now being reported to have been detected in Europe during the time period in question. We expect that there will also be evidence of Plutonium 239 spallation.   
See the detection report here:

Updates to follow:

Additional news reports are filtering  out with further  Jod-131 Iodine 131 detections in additional Nordic countries

Further news reports: Radioactive Iodine In The Air

News from the BarentsObserver

Measures radioactive iodine in Barents Region

The Barents news report indicates that iodine detections where in the NORTHERN Norway and NORTHERN Sweden. Under typical geomagnetic conditions Protons from Coronal Mass Ejections are directed towards the Earth's Poles, hence these might be expected to produce the first reports of radioactive iodines created by the spallation of Cesium 133 by Solar Protons.

Silencing the Rape Whistle: Nuclear Technology's #1 Safety Priority- Hush Kits for Steam Releases

Yesterday's "Safe" radioactive release and emergency shutdown at the Byron nuclear plant in Illinois became public Knowledge for one reason and one reason only, the insanely loud massive, rumbling, ground shaking, "Rape Whistle" that occurs when ever a nuclear plant has to perform an emergency steam dump to cool the reactor core. The radioactive release was reported as "safe", meaning that people are not immediately dropping like flies. Dying of leukemia 15 years later or having a still born child, need not be considered in those "safety calculations" because it is difficult to get recovery in a court of law for those injuries.

Obviously hushing that rape whistle so that emergency steam release shutdowns can occur without the public being aware would be a high priority item for the industry. Such an "hush kit" option would be considered a safety feature because the public would not be unnecessarily scared and needlessly mentally stressed by these "safe" radioactive releases. Nor would the Nuke plant be falsely accused when the mother of a still born baby correlates her loss to the memory of that Nuclear Rape Whistle several months earlier.

Usually that Nuclear Rape Whistle emergency steam release is the only immediate information the public has that something has gone wrong. Without that rumbling noise there would be no media attention; nor would the local inhabitants even get a hint of opportunity to decide whether or not to inhale "safe" radioactive tritium.

In fact the only reason the public knows anything at all about a recent January 2nd partial shutdown and reported steam leak at the earthquake damage North Anna nuclear plant may be because of that rape whistle, certainly we have not seen any information about the North Anna incident in the NRC event reports. Of course they might want to keep that quiet because of the strange non-inspecting way it was allowed to restart after the earthquake.

The Byron nuclear plant, on the other hand did have a NRC event report the day after the fact. Where it not for the Nuclear Rape Whistle steam dump, it would not have been public knowledge. Have no doubt, some one right now is working to patent such a nuclear hush kit. The labor cost savings in public relations and spin control from such a kit would pay for itself in no time at all.

Of course at Bryon Nuclear Plant, they have one other thing to hush; they admitted that steam had radioactive tritium in it. That is likely the case with nearly EVERY steam release from a nuclear plant; Byron did the right thing by admitting it. Had they not, the story might not gone from being public knowledge to being common knowledge (thanks to Matt Drudge). We wager no good deed will go unpunished.

Here is video of the actual release from Byron Nuclear

Monday, January 30, 2012

Maximum Alert - Emergency declared Byron Station, IL Nuclear Plant, Reported Airborne Tritium Release, Levels Supposedly "Safe"

Maximum Alert - Emergency declared Byron Station, IL Nuclear Plant, Reported Airborne Tritium Release, Levels Supposedly "Safe";

The POTRBLOG team would take preventative risk mitigation action, including initial evacuation preparation outside of the 11 mile zone. Saint Louis does NOT appear to be under any immediate threat. Tracking of surface and Jet Steam winds is advised.

As of 2:55pm 1/30/12: Surface winds blowing to the North; Jet Stream blowing East South East.

View Larger Map

New Zealand: 18X AIRBORNE Radiation Detection in Dunedin

On Jan 29th there was an AIRBORNE radiation detection of 1.89 uS/Hr in Dunedin, New Zealand. The reading was roughly 18 times greater than background radiation.

Obviously without further data it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of the measured radioactivity. The detection does may be related to a high airborne reading which occurred in Caloundra, Australia on January 8th. The ocean currents which swing by Caloundra, Au also end up moving past Dunedin, Nz. The cold polar currents channel the warm currents from Caloundra towards Dunedin. The affect may be seen in the image below. It is with in the realm of possibility that both of these detections are Fukushima related and where driven by winds and ocean currents coming from Fukushima. Such a scenario could signal significant contamination of the Coral and Tasmin Seas.

It is important to note that Fukushima is not the only possible contamination source for these detections. The Dunedin reading also correlates with a Coronal Mass Ejection which was impacting the Earth. It is also certainly possible that the detection was from a completely local/regional.

However, given the potential for Northern and Southern Pacific ocean contamination it would be prudent for concerned individuals to take risk mitigating precautions until such time ocean sampling indicates otherwise.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weaponized Fukushima Fallout: Radioactive Fullerenes and Endofullerenes

The improvised use of salt water to cool the Fukushima reactors and spent fuel pools resulted in the weaponization of Uranium fallout via the formation of Fullerenes and Endofullerenes. The term weaponization is based on our belief that this process significantly improved Probability of Kill (PK) values from a survivability / vulnerability analytical standpoint. See the attached video for further details

Link to the Uranyl Fullerene Abstract

Friday, January 27, 2012

7X Background Radiation In Leading Edge Rainfall, 15X In Trailing Edge Snow

We took a sample on 1/27/12 at 8:40 pm from the very first rain to hit the truck  as we were driving home   this evening. The paper towel swipe returned a reading of 7 times above background radiation, approximately 0.07 mR/hr. Typically the hottest rain falls during the trailing edge of a storm.

Update: 1/28/12 at 12:40am
The rain has changed into light snow and a sample wipe was taken from the same surface sampled earlier. The new sample returned a reading of 15X greater than background radiation.


Buckminsterfullerene animated

If you thought HOT PARTICLES where bad, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET!

"Experts" are starting to get a glimpse into how little they know about the witches' brew coming out of Fukushima. Today's revelation is that Fukushima Uranium is forming Bucky Balls via the action of salt water.

The picture above is a Carbon "Bucky Ball". So what is so bad about Radioactive Uranium Bucky balls?  Well, picture some one throwing very fine, non caking, radioactive "talcum powder" into the air; that in essence is the outcome of this finding.

But it gets worse, imagine that radioactive   "talcum powder" behaving and dispersing the exact same way when thrown into the water.

But it gets worse, notice in the picture above that the Buck Ball is actually a cage, now picture plutonium atoms trapped inside that cage.

But it gets worse, now picture how much greater a target these Bucky Balls are for spallation in the upper atmosphere.

What this finding means is that ALL the dispersion models are wrong, and NOT in the good way. It also means that the internal impact and damage from inhaling or consuming these particles is far greater than would other wise be expected. However, don't expect the "it's safe" mantra to change.

If you want to even begin to have an idea how bad this situation  is,  Google  the medical effects of Nano Particles(and remember they are discussing NON-Radioactive nano-particles)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

26 TIMES Background Radiation In 6:30am Rain Fall

A sample swipe taken from the hood of the truck at 6:30am returned a reading of 26 times greater than background radiation. The reading follows approximately 20 hours of light to moderate rain fall. Typically, fallout levels in the rain tend to increase on the backside of any rain events. The position of the jet stream remains nearly overhead; we therefore expect levels of radiation to increase somewhat as the rain lingers. Rain samples taken yesterday from the same system returned readings of 10X and 13X greater than background radiation at approximately 3 hours and 5 hours into the rain event.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rain at 10X Background Radiation; Greater Risk For The Pacific Northwest, Continental Divide, And Mexico

Update: We took a sample swipe off the truck at 4:30pm, that sample returned a reading of 13X background.

Original post:

The sample was a paper towel swipe from a piece of sheet metal taken at 1pm on 1/25/12; the sample was radioactive at 10 times greater than background radiation. We expect the readings to increase somewhat this evening as the backside of the Jet Steam moves through the area.

Based on the Jet Stream image below, we expect that highest levels of fallout to be along the continental divide and in Mexico. Higher levels would also be expected in the parts of the Pacific Northwest which were experiencing thunderstorms.

The simplest way to approach the analysis of these jet stream maps is think of the fallout in terms of silt in a fast moving stream of water; that silt is most likely to fallout out of the stream and build up in locations with sudden changes in velocity or dramatic changes in direction. In the case of the Jet-stream, high reaching thunderstorms may also pull fallout out of the stream.

The Jet Steam maps may be found here

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sabotage? Emergency Declared, Crane Fire During Nuclear Refueling at Robinson Nuclear Plant

For the complete back story and links related to the video please follow this link: Saboteurs

Serial Saboteur? Emergency Declared At South Carolina Progress Energy Robinson Nuclear Plant

Yet again, another Nuclear emergency tied to a refueling operation at a "Progress Energy" nuclear plant in the Carolinas. This time the declared nuclear emergency was a fire inside of the containment at the Robinson nuclear plant located near Hartsville, South Carolina (see NRC event report 47618).

The 3 key aspects of the situation are:
(1) A history of Sabotage during refueling operations
(2) Utter and Total incompetence Vs the likelihood of deliberate sabotage
For example, not properly bolting down the lid of the nuclear reactor.
(3) The 100% correlation of recent declared emergencies with refueling operations

The situation overwhelmingly points to potential serial saboteur(s) being involved with the refueling operations. The evidence is so overly indicative that the POTRBLOG team believes it would be an act of incompetence (at best) by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to not proceed under the assumption that these occurrences are potentially criminal in nature.

The FBI should rightly be involved in these investigations if for no other reason to help rule out criminal acts. We believe for the NRC not to call in the FBI for assistance brings into the question the NRC's competence as a safety regulator; the peril of which is a successful deliberately induced nuclear meltdown in the United States.

Such a meltdown situation nearly occurred at Progress Energy's Brunswick North Carolina nuclear plant, when two separate but possibly criminally related emergencies almost happened simultaneously. The POTRBLOG teams suspicion is that a Brunswick Nuclear Plant saboteur loosened bolts that seal the nuclear pressure vessel and sabotaged a control room system, a combination which had the potential to result in a Fukushima style disaster.

The disaster was averted because of alert control room operators; a control room which had to be evacuated during the next restart because of another emergency. Our belief is that sabotage had also been conducted against the control room in an attempt to have it evacuated at the very instant the pressure vessel was spewing coolant and hydrogen. Had the loosening of the pressure vessel bolts been better engineered, it is possible the control room might not have caught the issue in time. It was a grace of God moment that the timing of the two emergencies was off just enough to keep them from occurring simultaneously. There is wisdom in relying on the grace of God when doing God's work, but we are not so sure that nuclear for nuclear's sake qualifies in that regard.

Unfortunately the continuing emergencies at Progress Energy Nuclear plants during refueling combined with an apparent lack of a criminal investigation are a strong indication that the potential saboteurs have free reign to hone their skills.

Follow this link for our previous detail coverage of the situation "SABOTEURS".

Monday, January 23, 2012

[UPDATE] ALERT 3X Atmospheric Radiation in Taos, New Mexico Flows From Fukushima 5.8 Earthquake

UPDATED 1/24/12 with video:

Hat tip to "Radiation News" for making us aware of the Taos reading. The preliminary information was sourced from the "radiation network"

The report is short on exact details, however the available information indicates that the approximately 3x background reading was taken in calm, windless air, with no rain or snow present. The event lasted approximately 20 minutes before taking a step-function like drop. The report WRONGLY indicates that Jet Stream "flow too far north to be a factor". A quick look at the Jet-Stream map shown below indicates the Jet Stream was likely a primary factor in the reading. The area of detection is circled in red, the time stamp on the map corresponds approximately 48 minutes before the reading was taken.

The key feature of note is that radiation was detected in the termination edge of the jet-stream; in short, the detection was in a location where the Jet-Stream wind was coming to a stop and thusly radioactive contaminants were able to fall out of the stream. Following the Jet-Stream map backwards in time, it appears the fallout would correlate well with radioactive releases from Japan roughly around 1/13/12. see those maps here. The 1/13/12 time frame correlates strongly with a series of earthquake near Fukushima see
M5.8 quake hits 60 km from Fukushima plant — Followed by multiple M4s

Sunday, January 22, 2012

9:30am Local Radon Washout Rain At 2-3X Background Radiation

We had some non-typical weather conditions this morning that allowed us to sample the inherent local radon washout. The sky was overcast in gray with a very low cloud ceiling; it looked almost like snow type weather. The wind was still, and the temperature was hovering around 32 degF; the result was the condensation of some very large rain drops.

The rain drops were large enough to leave silver dollar sized "puddles" where they hit the ground and vehicles. The drops fell intermittently for around 15 minutes; and a swipe of the truck returned a reading between two and three times greater than background radiation. The sample was a good example of the Radon daughter content of the local air. At the time of the sample the Jet Stream had still not yet reached Missouri, hence no large Fukushima spikes in radioactivity.

According to the weather forecast, the Jet Stream should start to impact the Saint Louis area around 5pm with some rain followed by thunderstorms starting around 8pm. Based on the JetStream maps and recent previous fallout data, and barring any unusual activity Fukushima or Solar, we expect tonight's storms will probably be radioactive at eight to ten times greater than background radiation

Saturday, January 21, 2012

ALERT- Solar Flare Interaction with High Atomic Weight Fukushima Fallout

There is a full halo Earth directed Solar Coronal Mass Ejection inbound, estimated to impact on the 1/21/12. The CME event will interact with high atomic weight fallout (both radioactive and NON-radioactive) in the upper atmosphere and produce a witches' brew of new radioactive fallout via nuclear spallation processes. The extent to which this will occur is difficult to determine without access to advanced simulation models, however previous such occurrences have correlated with the detections of radioiodines over Europe.

If the expected effects do occur, they will be most strongly be felt on the sunlit side of the planet. The evidence for such effects would be distributed and difficult to localize detections of fresh radioactive fallout. On the dark side of the planet the effects would produce unusual colors in the Northern Lights and greater penetration into the Southern Latitudes. An early arrival of effect should not be ruled out either.

For further information click on this blog search tag SPALLATIONS

UPDATE 1/23/12
The following photos from the SOHO space observatory shows the "snow" impacts of Protons on the Camera's CCD. When these Protons impact the non-radioactive Cesium 133 in the upper atmosphere they will spall out a host of radioactive iodines. The Cs-133 comes from the decay of Xenon-133 gas. Xe-133 is one of the primary most plentiful components of the fallout from Fukushima

Friday, January 20, 2012

"La Nina" Shunts Radioactive Fukushima Fallout Into The Southern Hemisphere

The Pacific weather event known as "La Nina" is forcing radioactive fallout from Fukushima rapidly across the equator and into the Southern Hemisphere via the Jet Stream. South America is the primary fallout for the southern Jet stream winds, and Hawaii is in the direct path of the now more southerly jet stream split. Meanwhile surface level winds are blowing out of Fukushima and directly south towards Australia.

Update 1/26/12
The animated maps may be found here:  NOAA animated maps

Update 1/22/12:
For detail daily maps of the situation step through the NOAA maps here

6pm Freezing Drizzle Radioactive At 22 Times Greater Than Background

6:15pm Freezing Drizzle Radioactive At 22 Times Greater Than Background; the sample was a typical paper towel wipe from the truck hood. A sample taken approximately 1 hour earlier registered 17X background radiation.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Massive Radioactive Cloud Engulfs Brisbane Australia; Troubling Implications For US West Coast

On January 8th 2012, a massive cloud of airborne radioactive material measuring 8 times greater than background radiation hit near Brisbane Australia. Despite nearly 20 mile per hour winds, the contamination was detectable for more than four hours.

The radioactive fallout blew in from the ocean, and the location in question happens to be at a stagnation point for ocean currents capable of transporting radioactive contamination from Fukushima.

IF the source of the contamination was radioactive ocean water from Fukushima, the implications are massive troubling not only for Australia but more so for the entire Western coast of the United States.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


The first 2012 Saint Louis snowfall and its radioactive; thanks Fukushima.
By the time the snow was measured, the majority of it had been on the ground since the previous evening. The snow continued lightly for most of the day today, and ended around 3-4pm. The readings were taken at approximately 6:30pm this evening.

Typically it is difficult to measure the radioactivity of snow because its water content tends to attenuate the measurements;. However, one interesting effect we have noticed is that during active snowfalls indoor atmospheric radioactive readings tend to elevate above 2x background radiation.

Bed Bath and Beyond "Radioactive Kleenex Box Holders" VS Dominion North Anna Nuclear Plant Leak

see the previous blogpost for more details

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[ALERT] NRC Notifies on Radioactive "Kleenex Holders", Yet NOTHING on North Anna Nuclear's "REACTOR LEAK"

There is an NRC event report out today regarding the discovery of a shipment of RADIOACTIVE  "Kleenex box holders" from New Jersey destined for a Bed Bath and Beyond store in California. Yet, the NRC event reports remain completely silent about the; "REACTOR LEAK" which caused a "partial shutdown" of North Anna nuclear plant. While the identification of metal "Kleenex boxes" contaminated with COBALT 60 is important, it pales in comparison the Fukushima like risk coming out of the North Anna nuclear plants.

The question obviously rises: are the problems at North Anna Nuclear Plant being underreported because the NRC approved the restart on earthquake damaged UNIT 1 based on an inspection of UNIT 2 ? Imagine two airplanes involved in the same crash landing, and the FAA certifying both planes as safe to fly after they have only inspect ONE of the aircraft for air worthiness. That is essentially what has happened at North Anna after the August 5.8 earthquake in Virginia shook those nuclear plants at a level greater than for which they were designed.

Obviously it must be very embarrassing for the NRC every time the North Anna plant has to shut down for an issue that correlates with the 5.8 earth quake in Virginia, especially when those issues might have been caught in an in-depth inspection. It is only reasonable to assume that such reporting would be delayed as long as possible.

The take away is that residents of North Anna, and anyone down wind or down stream should not rely on the NRC event pages as early warning systems for North Anna Nuclear. But it is worse than that, every partial shutdown and restart cycle of those nuclear plants is just one step close to a fatigue failure. Moreover, from a probabilistic view point, the most dangerous time period in the nuclear cycle is during a manual shutdown.

It would be wise for anyone in North Anna threat zone to take cost effective risk mitigation measures; the cheapest and simplest of which would be to have a supply of IOSAT on hand.  Given the Russian Nuclear Roulette wheel the NRC and North Anna Nuclear are spinning right now in Virginia, we believe even greater risk mitigation measures are warranted for the wise.

see the video update here

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[Breaking] Busby Radioactive Lead-210 Findings Corroborate POTRBLOG Fukushima Fallout Findings

The Fukushima Diary has reported the unusual findings of large amounts of radioactive lead 210 in soil samples from Yokohama Japan, approximately 500 times greater than would be expected.  These findings are a direct corroboration of the POTRBLOG team's analysis that Fukushima corium hit Radon laden groundwater and is releasing massive amounts of Radon in the resultant steam  along with all the harder to detect longer half life man-made Fukushima fallout. 

Moreover, the detections of Cesium and other fallout in the soil sample build the foundation for a Rosetta stone which will allow one to infer and calculate suspected Fukushima radioactive contamination by taking Geiger Counter measurements of short half life Radon daughter fallout.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chattanooga 12pm 1/1/12 Radioactive Rain 8x Background

Passing through Chattanooga, TN and took a paper towel swipe sample from the truck approximately 20-40 minutes after the rainfall ended; the sample read 8x times greater than background radiation. approximately 0.08 mR/hr.