Sunday, January 15, 2012

Massive Radioactive Cloud Engulfs Brisbane Australia; Troubling Implications For US West Coast

On January 8th 2012, a massive cloud of airborne radioactive material measuring 8 times greater than background radiation hit near Brisbane Australia. Despite nearly 20 mile per hour winds, the contamination was detectable for more than four hours.

The radioactive fallout blew in from the ocean, and the location in question happens to be at a stagnation point for ocean currents capable of transporting radioactive contamination from Fukushima.

IF the source of the contamination was radioactive ocean water from Fukushima, the implications are massive troubling not only for Australia but more so for the entire Western coast of the United States.


  1. Could have been an illegal dump at sea (seems most likely). That is more likely than those currents in the Northern Pacific bringing it down to Australia. Those currents would have already brought that radiation to some of the Central Pacific islands, but they are not reporting anything like that in the islands of the Central Pacific, including not in Hawaii, at least not yet.

  2. Check it out:

    1. Basically the Frontline Fuku Disaster link is a whitewash of what REALLY happened; STARTING with the OMISSION that the EQ actually fractured a suppression chamber, WEAPONS GRADE MOX furel was being used (reactors NOT designed for MOX fuel), then add the omission that THOUSANDS OF TONS of spent fuel, requiring YEARS of cooling, lost cooling.

      Possibly you are unaware that Hitllary Clinton, IN APRIL, signed a pact with Japan and other countries to OFFICIALLY DOWNPLAY ALL RADIATION REPORTING linked to the nuclear DISASTERS.

      Remember that MSM is just another TOOL of the very same government who has through EXECUTIVE ORDER committed America to the NWO along with it's Agenda21, including the MANDATE to reduce the world population to between 500million and 2 billion IN THIS 21st CENTURY!

  3. From there it goes straight to NZ North Island to form deposits and threaten NZ's big cities: