Thursday, January 12, 2012


The first 2012 Saint Louis snowfall and its radioactive; thanks Fukushima.
By the time the snow was measured, the majority of it had been on the ground since the previous evening. The snow continued lightly for most of the day today, and ended around 3-4pm. The readings were taken at approximately 6:30pm this evening.

Typically it is difficult to measure the radioactivity of snow because its water content tends to attenuate the measurements;. However, one interesting effect we have noticed is that during active snowfalls indoor atmospheric radioactive readings tend to elevate above 2x background radiation.


  1. I also noticed 2x normal readings indoors for a recent light snow in Washington, DC. But I only recently got a dosimeter and don't have much direct experience.

  2. I heard it's roughly 746 Bq/Kg roughly. Should I be worried about the food we eat? Should I stop drinking milk and eating dairy? Is this only due to Fukushima?

  3. J,

    We have avoided all Northern Hemisphere dairy products since the Fukushima began spewing back in March 2011.
    All of our household water is filtered by a WP4-V filter, in the office we use the portable Sport Berkey water filterers. We also monitor our iodine levels. Also, WE STAY OUT OF THE RAIN.

    Everyone has to make their own risk analysis; we believe it is wise to economically err on the side of caution.

  4. HI ! Love the blog! Could you help in spreading the word about this important action since you are in St. Louis?