Monday, January 30, 2012

New Zealand: 18X AIRBORNE Radiation Detection in Dunedin

On Jan 29th there was an AIRBORNE radiation detection of 1.89 uS/Hr in Dunedin, New Zealand. The reading was roughly 18 times greater than background radiation.

Obviously without further data it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of the measured radioactivity. The detection does may be related to a high airborne reading which occurred in Caloundra, Australia on January 8th. The ocean currents which swing by Caloundra, Au also end up moving past Dunedin, Nz. The cold polar currents channel the warm currents from Caloundra towards Dunedin. The affect may be seen in the image below. It is with in the realm of possibility that both of these detections are Fukushima related and where driven by winds and ocean currents coming from Fukushima. Such a scenario could signal significant contamination of the Coral and Tasmin Seas.

It is important to note that Fukushima is not the only possible contamination source for these detections. The Dunedin reading also correlates with a Coronal Mass Ejection which was impacting the Earth. It is also certainly possible that the detection was from a completely local/regional.

However, given the potential for Northern and Southern Pacific ocean contamination it would be prudent for concerned individuals to take risk mitigating precautions until such time ocean sampling indicates otherwise.

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  1. Yes, very interesting. Two data points now that there may be Fukushima fallout getting into the Australasian Southern Hemisphere.