Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[Breaking] Busby Radioactive Lead-210 Findings Corroborate POTRBLOG Fukushima Fallout Findings

The Fukushima Diary has reported the unusual findings of large amounts of radioactive lead 210 in soil samples from Yokohama Japan, approximately 500 times greater than would be expected.  These findings are a direct corroboration of the POTRBLOG team's analysis that Fukushima corium hit Radon laden groundwater and is releasing massive amounts of Radon in the resultant steam  along with all the harder to detect longer half life man-made Fukushima fallout. 

Moreover, the detections of Cesium and other fallout in the soil sample build the foundation for a Rosetta stone which will allow one to infer and calculate suspected Fukushima radioactive contamination by taking Geiger Counter measurements of short half life Radon daughter fallout.


  1. Naive question: is there enough radon occurring naturally in the groundwater under Fukushima for this explanation to make sense? Or is the radon formed by natural decay of U-238 in the fuel rods?

    I have never read anything about radon and daughter products in a fission reactor; but if the radon in my basement is the result of uranium in the rocks nearby, it would seem that it must be present in a reactor as well.

    Appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  2. Those are good questions; initially we did a ROM level check of available Japanese earthquake groundwater data, the levels intuitively seemed high enough to produce the effect if the ground water was being steamed out of the ground. But without simulation models, it is difficult to take that part of the analysis further. It would be a good subject for a grad student out there somewhere to study.

    We have previously blogged about Radon measured in 10 year old CANDU fuel rods; it is a possible source, but we we not expect surges in levels to come as easily from that source. It is also possible that Radon is being created from spallations/bombardment of nuclear materials. It would be great if someone where to get down into the weeds and do further analysis in these areas.

  3. I refered back to this article and video after reading a report on on June 19 2012 about research being done at the University of Prince Edward Island on lead poisoning in eagles that is worrying researchers. According to the report "lead is showing up in an increasing number of dead and injured bald eagles in Atlantic Canada". I haven't seen any data on what the fallout findngs where in PEI, but will defineitly be following this story to see what they find. Worrying indeed.
    Appreciate all the great work you do.