Friday, January 27, 2012


Buckminsterfullerene animated

If you thought HOT PARTICLES where bad, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET!

"Experts" are starting to get a glimpse into how little they know about the witches' brew coming out of Fukushima. Today's revelation is that Fukushima Uranium is forming Bucky Balls via the action of salt water.

The picture above is a Carbon "Bucky Ball". So what is so bad about Radioactive Uranium Bucky balls?  Well, picture some one throwing very fine, non caking, radioactive "talcum powder" into the air; that in essence is the outcome of this finding.

But it gets worse, imagine that radioactive   "talcum powder" behaving and dispersing the exact same way when thrown into the water.

But it gets worse, notice in the picture above that the Buck Ball is actually a cage, now picture plutonium atoms trapped inside that cage.

But it gets worse, now picture how much greater a target these Bucky Balls are for spallation in the upper atmosphere.

What this finding means is that ALL the dispersion models are wrong, and NOT in the good way. It also means that the internal impact and damage from inhaling or consuming these particles is far greater than would other wise be expected. However, don't expect the "it's safe" mantra to change.

If you want to even begin to have an idea how bad this situation  is,  Google  the medical effects of Nano Particles(and remember they are discussing NON-Radioactive nano-particles)


  1. proper n95 masks are designed to stop nano particles...those old school gas masks are not rated as high,,,

    newer gas masks have multiple cartridges, often n95's are prefilters in line with additional filters.

    Can you specify confidently what we could use? a range of options?

    something is better then nothing.

  2. 0b680dd2-673b-11e0-9409-000bcdcb2996,

    Thats too broad of question to give a good answer, but if we lived anywhere near Fukushima we would get the hell out. On our way out, we would at least want a full face mask unit with a 3M-FR64 filter.

    For the people living there, the key would be the highest protection face mask that gives enough comfort to allow full time use. The things to look for would be a p100 filter, and an exceptionally good face seal.

  3. This is yet another example of how a multiple meltdown can open an entirely new branch of nuclear science/chemistry putting us in an unknown position while the nuclear Industry maintains that everything is A-OK...

    What a Nuclear Waste!

  4. What Really Happened At Fukushima Reactor And Spent Fuel Pool #3? via A Green Road Blog

  5. Does anyone have potential dimensions on these bb's?

  6. The real problem is transitioning these graduates into the field as the baby-boomers retire. If corporations do not train them all the experience of the baby boomers will be lost and those out of the field will not be as prepared to assume these roles.