Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rain at 10X Background Radiation; Greater Risk For The Pacific Northwest, Continental Divide, And Mexico

Update: We took a sample swipe off the truck at 4:30pm, that sample returned a reading of 13X background.

Original post:

The sample was a paper towel swipe from a piece of sheet metal taken at 1pm on 1/25/12; the sample was radioactive at 10 times greater than background radiation. We expect the readings to increase somewhat this evening as the backside of the Jet Steam moves through the area.

Based on the Jet Stream image below, we expect that highest levels of fallout to be along the continental divide and in Mexico. Higher levels would also be expected in the parts of the Pacific Northwest which were experiencing thunderstorms.

The simplest way to approach the analysis of these jet stream maps is think of the fallout in terms of silt in a fast moving stream of water; that silt is most likely to fallout out of the stream and build up in locations with sudden changes in velocity or dramatic changes in direction. In the case of the Jet-stream, high reaching thunderstorms may also pull fallout out of the stream.

The Jet Steam maps may be found here

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