Monday, January 23, 2012

[UPDATE] ALERT 3X Atmospheric Radiation in Taos, New Mexico Flows From Fukushima 5.8 Earthquake

UPDATED 1/24/12 with video:

Hat tip to "Radiation News" for making us aware of the Taos reading. The preliminary information was sourced from the "radiation network"

The report is short on exact details, however the available information indicates that the approximately 3x background reading was taken in calm, windless air, with no rain or snow present. The event lasted approximately 20 minutes before taking a step-function like drop. The report WRONGLY indicates that Jet Stream "flow too far north to be a factor". A quick look at the Jet-Stream map shown below indicates the Jet Stream was likely a primary factor in the reading. The area of detection is circled in red, the time stamp on the map corresponds approximately 48 minutes before the reading was taken.

The key feature of note is that radiation was detected in the termination edge of the jet-stream; in short, the detection was in a location where the Jet-Stream wind was coming to a stop and thusly radioactive contaminants were able to fall out of the stream. Following the Jet-Stream map backwards in time, it appears the fallout would correlate well with radioactive releases from Japan roughly around 1/13/12. see those maps here. The 1/13/12 time frame correlates strongly with a series of earthquake near Fukushima see
M5.8 quake hits 60 km from Fukushima plant — Followed by multiple M4s

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