Saturday, September 10, 2011

[China Syndrome ALERT] Fukushima Nuclear Fission Hit Ground Water on August 11: Detected in Saint Louis on August 20

This video describes the August 11 "China Syndrome" nuclear melt-through event in Fukushima Japan, and the resultant fallout detection on August 20th in Saint Louis, Missouri.

The described cause is fissioning nuclear fuel from a Fukushima reactor melting into the ground; striking Radon laden ground water; releasing a large amount of radioactive fallout which was detected all along the North American jetstream.

The next video is of the actual radioactive fallout detection which occurred August 20, 2011 in Saint Louis, Mo.

The final video is an update of the second video in which the radioactive fallout is analyzed and identified by its half life. The scenarios in which the fallout could have been generated through direct nuclear action are described -later to be born out with data presented in the first video.


  1. I live in St. Louis. I've been staying out of the rain since this happened. I have a question for you. I routinely go to the EPA website to check readings. Not that they can be entirely believed, I know, and also, they were conveniently down for that entire time around the 20th. Imaginemysurprisenot. Anyway, they just came back up and well, the numbers are pretty bad. Here's the link
    and here's a sampling of the highest Beta Gross Count rate reading as of 12:30 on 9/10: 2011-09-10 13:26:25 155 CPM. (I think they do it all at GMT)
    I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this info however. Do you understand any of it?

  2. The EPA has a harder time hiding trends in the data; and it has taken a big jump recently. You can find all the EPA charts for the USA located in this one convenient spot-

    If you want a better understanding of the raw data, this blogpost goes into great detail about the data and how it is being censored.

  3. So, if those videos are to be believed, then the EPA is trying to make the numbers looks as ‘nice’ as possible. And those ‘nice’ numbers were already freaking me out. Great. Now my imagination will take over. Why on earth is nobody reporting on this? Why aren’t the local stations getting independent readings and comparing them to the EPA readings and doing a nightly “Radiation Report”? I know, it’s because they own the station and it’s against the corporate interests, blah blah blah. I mean, it’s not like they lease the airwaves from the American people and must provide public service as a condition of that lease, ... Hey, wait a minute!....