Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[ALERT] NRC To Hold September 8 Public Meeting On NORTH ANNA NUCLEAR

Update: The DATA LEAK that sparked tomorrow's unscheduled NORTH ANNA Nuclear plant NRC meeting- THE QUAKE EXCEEDED THE DESIGN BY 2X

Anyone down wind, down stream, or living any where near the North Anna Nuclear Plant should do their utmost to physically attend TOMMORROW's (Sept 8th) PUBLIC MEETING that the Nuclear Regulator Commission will hold with Dominion North Anna management.

The extremely short meeting notice and the 2 1/2 hour drive required for North Anna residents to attend the meeting will make it difficult for local North Anna residents to attend and ask difficult questions (which likely won't be allowed anyways). IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT NORTH ANNA RESIDENTS ATTEND; a lack of in-person public attendance equates to a lack of public accountability.

The meeting will be held 1 – 5 p.m "Thursday, Sept. 8, in the Commissioners’ Conference Room on the first floor of the NRC’s One White Flint North building, at 11555 Rockville Pike in Rockville, Md".

The short of the meeting will be that North Anna plant is currently safe and that the plant will not be restarted until safety is assured.

What will NOT be discussed is:

  1. The detail criteria which would cause the NRC to decommission the North Anna Plant.
  2. The detail definition of "Normal Radioactive Releases".
  3. The detail definition of abnormal radioactive releases.
  4. The current effective earthquake design limit of the Nuclear Plant at this instant in time.
  5. The current effective earthquake design limit of the entire site as a composite, Nuclear Plant and Lake Anna Dam (+ dikes) at this instant in time.
  6. How much lower Lake Anna levels could have dropped before impacting the safety of the plant.
  7. A detail definition (with criteria) of what "safety assured" means.
  8. Any explanation of how and why the public's safety was put at risk by withholding information from the public until AFTER THE HURRICANE HAD PASSED that the plant's earthquake design limits where exceeded.

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