Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dirty Tricks with the NRC Nuclear Event Reports, Surely Not

Update: 9/18/11 The issue appears to be resolved. The short of the issue is that there was IP based routing to certain servers that had out of date information. It is very disconcerting that a Safety Based organization had these sorts of issues for an extended time period on one of its primary external communication routes.

Update 9/8/11: I am now Locked Out of directly viewing the NRC “Current Event Notification Reports”; and only have limited success using anonymous proxies to gain access to the reports.


Surely this can't be a case of dirty tricks, but I decided to document it to see if anyone has a resolution. From the looks of it my IP address is not allowed to resolve any new NRC Nuclear Event Alert webpages. My only current access is using Google's cache via search for a current event number, or using an anonymous proxy to access the NRC webpage. It's an issue I've never run into before, any suggestions or insights would be appreciated.


  1. 1) Could be a browser cache issue, but it is unlikely because you reproduced it in the other browser. But it is still important to clear cache before trying again (In Firefox something like Preferences->Advanced->Network->[Clear Now])

    2) Could be a proxy cache issue if both browsers using system proxy settings (if any). In this case before you override proxy settings requests may go through proxy which returns an outdated page to both browsers if they inherit default proxy.

    3) Another unlikely case could be a transparent HTTP proxy if your Internet Provider using it (or if someone is hooking into your connection)

    Public proxy servers may be a security risk so if you need anonymous access I would recommend 'tor' - see

    I'm happy to troubleshoot the issue with you - I believe you have my private email in your youtube inbox.


  2. NOPE its happening with mine also.
    How shady the NRC is.
    How could they do that to all ISPs?

  3. It appears that NRC is routing certain IP addresses who visit the to a different server; and that something has happened to make that server 1 day behind the other server. The issue does not seem to occur if one leaves the "WWW" off of the NRC's address.

    For example: If your IP address is affected will take you to the previous day's events.

    Whereas, will route to the current events.

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  5. Hmm, that's right, they might have a load balancer deciding which backend web server to use according to client's IP hash...
    In which case they probably have at least two servers out of sync or with replication delayed...

  6. Certainly looks like an incompetent way of doing load balancing; load splitting would be a better description if that is what they are doing. It also smack of incompetence from a public safety point to provide out of date information in regards to Nuclear Emergency Event reporting, especially from an agency whose mandate is nuclear safety.

    Its also possible that it is part of some sort of IP tracking scheme that has went awry, but plain ole incompetence is normally the safer answer. In the case of the NRC I'm not sure what would be worse, dirty tricks or incompetence?

  7. I am now Locked Out of directly viewing the NRC “Current Event Notification Reports”; and only have limited success using anonymous proxies to gain access to the reports.