Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boron Injection Wells Into Fukushima Ground Water and Nuclear PLINKO

The existence of high pressure injection wells pushing Boron into the ground water around Fukushima would be signs of one of a few last ditch efforts to prevent a massive China Syndrome steam explosion. For that reason, it is an approach that would likely be held close to the vest.

A full blown China Syndrome would result from a ball of hot fissioning 'corium' burning through to cool ground water, resulting in a massive radioactive steam explosion. However, for the most part, it appears that the Boron laden cooling water being pumped into the reactors has kept corium temperatures low enough that the suspected August 11th limited melt through was not immediately exothermically violent to an extent that it was immediately publicly obvious. The video below details the case supporting that limited melt through. In that scenario, criticallity was reached when portions of the corium transitioned from Boron laden cooling water (which absorbs neutrons) to ground water.

Unfortunately, the limited 8/11/11 melt through would have opened up a Nuclear PLINKO type path to the ground water, just waiting for the next upset to send a ball of corium into the Grand Prize winning China Syndrome slot. It is no wonder that the Japanese Military is practicing evacuation drills for just that eventuality.

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