Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fukushima August Re-Criticality: Groundwater, Iodine 131, & Radon 222 = China Syndrome

UPDATE 9/10/11
For a video update please follow this link:
[China Syndrome ALERT] Fukushima Nuclear Fission Hit Ground Water on August 11: Detected in Saint Louis on August 20

On August 20th, the POTRBLOG team reported that the 178X background radioactive rain fall "may be indicative of a RECENT SIGNIFICANT radiological event in Fukushima." That assessment now appears to be now born out by a Japanese report of large Iodine-131 detections in radioactive sewage collected in Oshu City 180+ KM north of Fukushima on August 25th. The collection date of the sewage sample correlates to several earthquakes during the period and reports of radioactive steam rising up from cracks in the ground at the Fukushima nuclear site. It also correlates strongly with large increases in radioactive detection along the jetstream in North America.

Taken together, the data is indicative of Coruim entering the ground water, becoming re-critical, and inducing the release/production of large amounts of Radon 222. The associated detections of extremely large quantities of Radon Daughters in the radioactive fallout raining down on North America are likely indicators of harder to detect longer half life fallout in the same rainfall.


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