Monday, August 29, 2011

[Update] 178X Saint Louis Background Radiation Source Identified

I have been able to analyze the half life data from the high radioactivity 8/20/11 Saint Louis rain fall. The video goes into detail on the detection; how the source relates to recent events in Fukushima; and how this detection was different from previous radioactive rainfalls which had longer half lives.

Update 9/7/11:
Fukushima August Re-Criticality: Groundwater, Iodine 131, & Radon 222 = China Syndrome
On August 20th, the POTRBLOG team reported that the 178X background radioactive rain fall "may be indicative of a RECENT SIGNIFICANT radiological event in Fukushima." That assessment now appears to be now born out by a Japanese report of large Iodine-131 detections in radioactive sewage collected in Oshu City 180+ KM north of Fukushima on August 25th. The collection date of the sewage sample correlates to several earthquakes during the period and reports of radioactive steam rising up from cracks in the ground at the Fukushima nuclear site. It also correlates strongly with large increases in radioactive detection along the jetstream in North America.

Taken together, the data is indicative of Coruim entering the ground water, becoming re-critical, and inducing the release/production of large amounts of Radon 222. The associated detections of extremely large quantities of Radon Daughters in the radioactive fallout raining down on North America are likely indicators of harder to detect longer half life fallout in the same rainfall.

Update 8/31/11:
I had planned to post the "crib notes" version of the video. But I found a commentary on LiveLeak which gives a good 3rd person insight into SOME aspects of  the video. Here is a "fair use" snippet of that commentary:

By: john1054
Okay. In the really bland jargon I associate with the nuclear engineers and consultants I know who work in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, this guy is laying out why he believes Fukushima may very well become a sustained global disaster.

He is not able to directly identify the radioactive elements causing increases of radiation in the rainfall in Saint Louis. However, the decrease in radiation in a given sample over time gives him enough data to identify the predominant radioactive isotopes that are present in the rainwater.

The occasional spikes in Radon tells him that something, somewhere, is generating large emissions of radioactive material in the atmosphere at irregular intervals. Kind of like a sick kid having intermittent vomiting episodes.

These occasional large emissions are consistent with various theories floated over the years of how a nuclear meltdown event would play out in the soil, bedrock, and water-table beneath a nuclear power plant.

In short, he says we may be experiencing the opening stages of the nightmare scenario from the old movie "China Syndrome".

8/30/11: Updated with requested graphs

Unknown Source with a I-134 half life.

Suspected Radon Daughter composite half life.


  1. Even though I don't live in the US, I really appreciate the work you put in your blog.
    Can you please make sure that the text under the x axis is visible on your video (or share the graphs with us?)

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  3. Hegedűs Vera, I have added the two graphs to the blog post

  4. tk, thanks for the link. Its an older document, but the electrical diffusion is interesting. The ocean out-gassing, and atmospheric pressure changes influence on local production appear to be is disagreement with other studies I have seen. What I would like to find is studies from the 1950's where Radon washout was measured via Geiger counters.

  5. Thank you very much and you can call me Vera