Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Radioactive Acid Rain !!!

The discovery AND ANALYTICAL REPORTING of radioactive Sulfur 35 emanating from the ocean surface at Fukushima and transporting to California has restored some faith in scientific due diligence.  I can well imagine that the University of California Berkeley's Nuclear Engineering Departments BRAWN team would have dismissed the detections as "NATURAL"; it would have been another case of ALL BRAWM and NO BRAINS
Hence, the authors of the study deserve some praise for giving scientific-due-diligence something more than just dismissive lip service.

Having had some more time to go over the abstract and supporting documentation, it is not so clear if the author's models compensated for the washout of the radioactive Sulfur as acid rain H2SO4; it also does not appear as if the author's tested rainfall for the presence of RADIOACTIVE SULFURIC ACID RAIN.

The ocean surface off-gassing of radioactive compounds and their subsequent redeposition via rainfall may be a modality of rapid hopscotching of water born radioactive contamination across the Pacific. It could also preclude the claims of 'no worries' some have made of the detections; getting caught in such a Radioactive Acid Rain Fall may be much less than safe.

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