Sunday, August 28, 2011

8/28/11 6:30pm Light Rain Radioactive at 39X Background

Short light rain this evening at 6:30 pm. Three separate samples were taken from the truck. The samples stabilized at 0.039 mR/hr, or alternatively 39 times greater than background. This is the fourth highest reading we have had since the Fukushima disaster began.


  1. Sorry, to ask, but whereabouts was the sample taken?

  2. Thanks so much for your ongoing coverage of Fukushima effects in the midwest (and for your home schooling/family centered comments).

    I do not know if you've considered sending your hot rain swipe samples into Marco Kaltofen of WPI for radioisotope analysis. It would put the radon/radon daughters debate to rest, one way or another, and would (@ least for this home schooling mom) provide tremendous relief to move past the speculation and debate about what is falling onto our heads, and crops, and kids.. into definitive and effective action, even if the results are not what we'd all like to hear.

    I have the specific sample submission instructions in an email from Maggie Gunderson, and I am happy to forward them to an email address. Again, thank you so much for your efforts and willingness to tell it like it is.

  3. Annette, This new post will give some good insight into the Radon issue; I was able to identify what came down in the rain on 8/20/11.

    Some use the Radon issue is a misdirect, but the key take away I have is that longer half life radiation is coming down proportional to the short half life radiation which is more easily measured.

    For detail info see the updated video @