Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beautiful Baby Girl Picking and Eating FUKUSHIMA Blueberries

Even in the heart of the darkness people refuse to see the high speed photons.


The video has now been made "Private", in the interests of "fair use" (commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship) I have updated this report with a few screen shots of the video:

The original information and translations may be found at the end of the post.

Video description from the uploader niidamasugata:

We went to blueberry picking in Niwasaka, Fukushima-city.
Part of Fukushima-prefecture is subject to the government control.
This area is not restricted area.
Radio active material was not detected in these berries.
Farmers in Fukusima-prefecture were hit by rumors.
Even if radio active material was not detected, consumer does not buy any foods made / produced in Fukushima.
It's unseasonable!
Of course it's your decision call us stupid parent who does not protect child from radioactivity.
They are just words, from far away from Fukushima

a follow-on comment from the uploader niidamasugata:(Translated by Google)

• The explanation for the lack of English skills and their written in Japanese like it I is misunderstood - The. It had been completely polluted 'Place is a neighborhood has confirmed , Has confirmed that there were also contaminated crops were harvested. I believe the word means no foreign • non Fukushima Land, people living in Tokyo, for example, all-risk coverage and incite the media, particularly believe in Fukushima - That is to say. After decades • my own children "or 逃Genakatta Why?" And blame Has been recognized that it may be. The purpose of this video posted, it was because the sight of a girl ask a friend abroad . Some people can not see the video was quite a provocative picture is observed - Or. However, it is disappointing for me. So video is going to be removed soon. Please let me say the last one. My friend calls and emails every day from friends who live in other regions, "or What are you Fukushima, "" flee as soon as possible "is attacked, and mental illness 冒 - I now. I think the advice out of kindness, acts such Fukushima I would like to know given the fact that mental distress.

Original Japanese:

• 自分の英語力と説明不足の為に、誤解されてる様なので日本語で書¬きます。 ・自分の住む地域が全く汚染されてしまった事は認識していますし¬、収穫された 農産物も汚染されたものがある事も認識しています。 ・外国人の言葉だから信じないという事もありません、福島以外の¬地域、例えば 東京に住む人達、特にマスコミが福島=全て危険と煽る報道は信じ¬ないという 事です。 ・何十年後、私は自分の子供達に「何故逃げなかったか?」と責め-られるかも しれないという事も認識しています。 この動画投稿の目的は、海外の友人に娘の姿を見てもらう為でした¬。 見る人によってはこの動画がかなり挑発的な映像であった事は認め¬ます。 しかし、それは私の本意ではありません。 よって近日中に動画は削除するつもりです。 最後に一つ言わせてください。 私の友人は他地域に住む友人から毎日のように電話やメールで「ま¬だ福島に いるのか」「一刻も早く逃げなさい」と責められ、精神的な病に冒-されてしまいました。 親切心からのアドバイスだと思いますが、そういった行為が福島県¬民に精神的な 苦痛を与えているという事実も知って頂きたいと思います。

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