Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Silencing the Rape Whistle: Nuclear Technology's #1 Safety Priority- Hush Kits for Steam Releases

Yesterday's "Safe" radioactive release and emergency shutdown at the Byron nuclear plant in Illinois became public Knowledge for one reason and one reason only, the insanely loud massive, rumbling, ground shaking, "Rape Whistle" that occurs when ever a nuclear plant has to perform an emergency steam dump to cool the reactor core. The radioactive release was reported as "safe", meaning that people are not immediately dropping like flies. Dying of leukemia 15 years later or having a still born child, need not be considered in those "safety calculations" because it is difficult to get recovery in a court of law for those injuries.

Obviously hushing that rape whistle so that emergency steam release shutdowns can occur without the public being aware would be a high priority item for the industry. Such an "hush kit" option would be considered a safety feature because the public would not be unnecessarily scared and needlessly mentally stressed by these "safe" radioactive releases. Nor would the Nuke plant be falsely accused when the mother of a still born baby correlates her loss to the memory of that Nuclear Rape Whistle several months earlier.

Usually that Nuclear Rape Whistle emergency steam release is the only immediate information the public has that something has gone wrong. Without that rumbling noise there would be no media attention; nor would the local inhabitants even get a hint of opportunity to decide whether or not to inhale "safe" radioactive tritium.

In fact the only reason the public knows anything at all about a recent January 2nd partial shutdown and reported steam leak at the earthquake damage North Anna nuclear plant may be because of that rape whistle, certainly we have not seen any information about the North Anna incident in the NRC event reports. Of course they might want to keep that quiet because of the strange non-inspecting way it was allowed to restart after the earthquake.

The Byron nuclear plant, on the other hand did have a NRC event report the day after the fact. Where it not for the Nuclear Rape Whistle steam dump, it would not have been public knowledge. Have no doubt, some one right now is working to patent such a nuclear hush kit. The labor cost savings in public relations and spin control from such a kit would pay for itself in no time at all.

Of course at Bryon Nuclear Plant, they have one other thing to hush; they admitted that steam had radioactive tritium in it. That is likely the case with nearly EVERY steam release from a nuclear plant; Byron did the right thing by admitting it. Had they not, the story might not gone from being public knowledge to being common knowledge (thanks to Matt Drudge). We wager no good deed will go unpunished.

Here is video of the actual release from Byron Nuclear

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