Wednesday, March 5, 2014


In the early stage of the WIPP disaster, CERMC put its reputation, and the safety of the public on the line with this direct quote (as provided by the CurrentArgus newspaper)

"The levels detected during this time period are higher than the normal background levels of radioactivity from transuranic elements commonly found at this sampling station, thus their presence during this specific time frame appears to indicate a small release of radioactive particles from the WIPP underground exhaust shaft in the brief moments following when the radiation event occurred and when the WIPP ventilation system shifted to the filtration mode," 

Today, CERMC has passed the buck on the assertion of  "automatic" filtration over to DOE officials, and placed it squarely on their shoulders.

"As stated by DOE officials, in the event of a radioactive detection in the underground, the ventilation system lowers the fan speed and automatically shifts to a “filtration” mode; whereby all of the exhaust shaft effluent passes through a large bank of High Efficiency Particulate Absorption (HEPA) filters designed to remove 99.97% of all radioactive particles from the air before exiting into the environment."

Originally we accepted CEMRC's and DOE's statements as truthful; but based on MATH and INSIDER INFORMATION about WIPP, the POTRBLOG team has come to believe that the HEPA filter system DID NOT 'automatically' shift into filtration mode.

We suspect that approximately 33 minutes passed before the HEPA filtration system was manually activated. Our calculations, based on the authority's numbers, indicate, 99% of the radiation was released in the first seven minutes, AVERAGING 2,030 Becquerels per Cubic meter of exhaust air during those 7 minutes. We estimate 284 MILLION Becquerels of Plutonium and Americium was released in those 7 minutes. We have come to call this seeming coverup of information- HEPAgate.

It seems CEMRC has taken an important legal step in distancing itself from claims of automatic and/or brief moments of unfiltered radioactive exhaust escaping from WIPP. Its an important step, in what we expect will soon be a rapid round of finger pointing surrounding everyone involved in the disaster.

How long will it be until a Special prosecutor starts asking all involved, "what did they know and when did they know it"?

Maybe in the mean time they will be brave enough to release RAW data from the detections; don't hold your breath! On second thought,  maybe you should hold it if you live within 200 miles of WIPP.


WIPP MATH ALERT! 33 Minute DELAY In HEPA FILTER Start After Radiation Alarm Sounded

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