Monday, March 24, 2014

US Government Showing Major Concern For A Devastating ZERO DAY Pandemic Exploit

The US Government [USG] is showing great concern that a nationally devastating pandemic may be at hand. Specifically USG is preparing for a zero day exploit of a transmittable pathogen with no known cure or available vaccination. In that regard, USG is taking the following steps.

1) The CDC is upgrading capacity and capability at Quarantine Stations throughout the United States.

2) USG is prepping CDC, HHS, and et al, to relocate and continue operations within 12 hours of their primary operating locations being wiped out.

3) USG is now maintaining a year round stockpile of vaccine producing eggs, for the sole purpose of rapidly responding to Zero Day threats.

4) CDC has accepted an UNSOLICITED proposal from Genentech for a nationwide proprietary antiviral distribution network.

5) USG is tying in all pandemic operations and public health operations across all levels of government with law enforcement via the Department of Homeland Security 

Its unclear if these actions are specifically tied to H7N9 Bird Flu, but USG did VASTLY start increasing its biomedical counter measure capability in conjunction with H7N9's appearance. Our own opinion is that things like H7N9 have happened thousands of times before but gone unnoticed. 

The only thing we really know for sure is that Biomedical industry is getting a lot of money and near term job security thrown at it via tax payer dollars, and that kind of money is not spent without some sort of medical mandate being forced upon the citizenry.

However, there are some intriguing hints in some of the contracts the government is releasing (as we listed above), the following quote indicates all these actions are taking place as a result of a recent inflection point.
"A changing threat environment and recent events emphasize the need for COOP capabilities that will enable AHRQ to continue its essential functions across a broad spectrum of emergencies. COOP planning establishes operational procedures to sustain essential functions if normal operations are not feasible and guides the restoration of AHRQ to full operational status following an emergency. The AHRQ COOP Plan will provide for attaining operational capability within 12 hours and sustaining operations for up to 30 days or longer as the result of a catastrophic event or a national security emergency"

If we had to make a guess, it would appear that the world's players are pre positioning the men and equipment on their chess boards in preparation for the outbreak of World War III. And seemingly, part of USG's chess preparation involves readying for the first volleys (natural or otherwise) of that conflict to be biological in nature.

In the end its not clear if there is an imminent biological threat, but cost effective preparation for such an event is wise. It is also wise to be prepared to have health care mandates forced upon you, regardless of their true necessity.


Dynamic Year-Round supply of Embryonated Eggs for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Tamiflu Distribution Network



  2. Vanderbilt University gets 1,000,000.00 for research for a cure of Ebola. I read this in their monthly newsletter about 6 months ago and never thought about it since untill i read your post on Ebola, Now its making since.

  3. Is it possible the CDC's increased readiness preparations are due to the possible appearance of Ebola in Canada? I don't understand what's going on there because one day officials said that if it was not Ebola that the man had, it was some other hemorrhagic type of virus. A day or two after that they said that the man did not have Ebola nor did he have any other type of hemorrhagic illness. That's ridiculous. People don't just start bleeding out of their orifices one day and then they're healthy the next. Seems suspicious to me! Do you have any more details about the Ebola/Hemorrhagic virus situation in Canada? Initially I recall mention of the Zaire strain in relation to the situation in Canada and I read somewhere that this strain is the most virulent and lethal of all types of Ebola viruses. That's just great (not). Anyway, it's likely in Canada they'd tell the people that it isn't Ebola so as to avoid panic. Even worse than H1N1 or H7N9, I think Ebola is monstrously panic worthy.

    1. DON"T TRUST A WORD OF WHAT THE CANADIAN's SAY about any sort of public health risk.
      Canada Public Health lied about their H5N1 bird flu fatality's symptoms; they claimed she had "no respiratory symptoms" a later CDC report showed that Canada lied, see

      Ebola should be the suspected cause, even when tests can't verify it. They are having the same problem with people testing negative in Africa. For some reason Hemorrhagic viruses seem to be often missed in the testing, even when done at a CDC lab; however the symptoms and connections give it away.

      That said, it is unclear what, even or if there is a single specific biological agent of concern; the common thread is that the agents of concern are Zero Day vulnerabilities. But, one of the contract points does point out "changing threat environment and recent events".

      In that regard, one of the things we have noticed is that usually not long after flurry of gov contract activity occurs something related hits the news. We have suspected that it happens because the FEDs have immediate access to what gets offered up to research journals and etc.

      Its hard to say if the threats are real, but a large up-step in funding and activity is happening. Maybe its just the HHS people using fear porn to loosen up the government's purse strings, maybe it just an important cog to be manipulated as part of the Fed's healthcare takeover. But when you look what is happening in the rest of the world, it sure does seem as if they are either prepping for biowarfare or they are hedging against some biological occurrence which might precipitate world wide conflict.

  4. A while ago on another forum I read an interview of a Chinese general, who claimed that they were in the process of engineering ethnically targeted (via DNA) essentially lethal H7N9, or variants thereof, for military purposes. The overwhelming "HINT" in the article was that they had managed to figure out how to target the USA, which is overwhelmingly silly if the vector used is a supposed DNA sensitive flu, given the massively diverse ethnic makeup of this country. On the other hand, we have seen the appearance of a flu virus ( I cannot offhand remember the variant) that apparently targets persons of Middle Eastern extraction, and has done some lethal damage not only in the Middle East, where it was first known to have appeared, but in the West as well.
    One does wonder whether it is possible, for example, for a monoethnic society hellbent on conquering an area of large dimensions and variable ethnicity, to develop some sort of lethal bug that would only affect persons not of their ethnicity. Asians are not known for their broad celebration of ethnic diversity, to put it mildly. A prophylactic viral ethnic cleansing they could easily blame on outside forces would be ideal in such a circumstance.