Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ALERT! Prima Facie Evidence HEPA FILTERs DELAYED START & CERMC Obfuscated WIPP Release Data


DOE Charts released today show at least 4 important things

(1) The UNFILTERED radioactive release was greatest at the START OF THE EXPLOSION, prior to 6:30 AM on 2/15/14

(2) Yet, HEPA filtered AIR indicated the highest radioactive release was between 8:35AM - 2:45PM on 2/15/14--- LONG AFTER THE EXPLOSION

(3) The above data (1&2), as reported by DOE, indicates that HEPA filters DID NOT  rapidly or automatically activate during the highest release time period; but rather, HEPA filters only activated some time after the highest Plutonium + Americium releases occurred into the environment.

(4) CERMC analysis of post HEPA filtration data served to OBFUSCATE the Plutonium release discrepancy. 

Hitherto, on 3/6 we alerted that there was a Smoking Gun in the CERMC data; "the delay in testing Station B functions to obscure the peak radioactive releases" . The Station "B" sample data had been peanut buttered out over a 4 day period. In essence, reporting the data in that manner makes it appear that it was a uniformly constant radioactive release over that entire time period. Today, DOE WIPP released readings from Station A and Station B air filters point to CEMRC's obfuscation.

 DOE indicates these filters were the source of CERMC's readings. More importantly these readings show that the radioactive release was actually measured in MUCH Finer detail than the CERMC data portrays.

CERMC Station B's  1st reported reading 
Filter ran from 2/14/2014  7:55:00 AM to 2/18/2014  4:55:00 PM

DOE's readings indicate that CERMC's report was actually a composite of ELEVEN separate filter samples.

Hopefully some one at DOE, WIPP, CERMC will rapidly and truthfully explain these discrepancies. But don't hold your breath waiting for them to do so. You'd be better served holding your breath if you lived down wind of WIPP.

You would also be better served preparing to evacuate in the advent of a 2nd explosion at WIPP. We believe it is likely that ventilation instabilities related to the 2/5/14 fire resulted in the build up and explosion combustible gases on 2/14/14. Given that the ventilation system is in even much less stable after the explosion, an another gas build up and explosion is to be expected. 



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