Sunday, September 28, 2014

Inside Missouri's Enterovirus Outbreak: 6 Year Old Girl Wakes Up To Find Her Legs Didn't Want To Work

There's a lot more going on with the current Enterovirus Outbreak than the public knows; we'll pull back the curtains a little bit on what the local Pediatricians here in the Saint Louis area are dealing with.

Likely the most important thing to know is that the local Pediatricians believe that multiple different strains of Enterovirus are surging locally. This belief seems to be based on the wide variety of symptoms being displayed by pediatric patients, it may or may not be the case.

And that brings us to the 6 year old girl who woke up one morning to find that her legs did not want to work. Her first symptoms started a week prior and they came in the following approximate order.

Day 1:  Burping, acid reflux
Day 2:  Stomach discomfort, minor nausea, burping acid reflux
Day 3:  Lethargy after moderate physical activity
Day 4:  Lethargy, Fever ~102F, Headache, slight back ache, & previous symptoms
Day 5:  Improvement after OTC medicine given, Fever remains ~100F
Day 6:  Continued improvement, minor scratchy Throat, leg complaints, Fever@ 99F, & previous symptoms
Day 7:  Profound calf pain in both legs upon awakening, significant difficulty walking, other symptoms improved

Diagnosis: Enterovirus, But D68 not suspected; throat is red but Strep test is negative; deemed not contagious while fever is under 100F

Treatment: Symptomatic using OTC medicine,

Day 8: All symptoms greatly improved
Day 9: Some stomach discomfort remains


Strange things are afoot in Missouri, the enterovirus outbreak seems to be very wide spread and victims may not necessarily show coughing, sneezing or other respiratory aspects.

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