Tuesday, September 16, 2014

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

According to the Center for Aerobiological Sciences, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland:

(1) Ebola has an aerosol stability that is comparable to Influenza-A

(2) Much like Flu, Airborne Ebola transmissions need Winter type conditions to maximize Aerosol infection

"Filoviruses, which are classified as Category A Bioterrorism Agents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA), have stability in aerosol form comparable to other lipid containing viruses such as influenza A virus, a low infectious dose by the aerosol route (less than 10 PFU) in NHPs, and case fatality rates as high as ~90% ."
"The mode of acquisition of viral infection in index cases is usually unknown. Secondary transmission of filovirus infection is typically thought to occur by direct contact with infected persons or infected blood or tissues. There is no strong evidence of secondary transmission by the aerosol route in African filovirus outbreaks. However, aerosol transmission is thought to be possible and may occur in conditions of lower temperature and humidity which may not have been factors in outbreaks in warmer climates [13]. At the very least, the potential exists for aerosol transmission, given that virus is detected in bodily secretions, the pulmonary alveolar interstitial cells, and within lung spaces"


Its clear that when Ebola is in the air it is at least as hardy as Influenza. Its also clear that coughing and sneezing is what makes Influenza airborne; the same should be expected of Ebola.

Moreover, just as sun, heat, and humidity along the Earths' Equatorial regions serve to 'burn' Influenza out of the air, the same should be expected of Ebola. The difference with Ebola is that physical contact with even the tiniest amounts of infected bodily fluid can cause infection, hence unlike flu it also readily spreads in equatorial regions. When Ebola spreads to the regions of the Earth which experience Fall and Winter Flu seasons, airborne Ebola infectious routes are to be expected in conjunction with direct contact infection.

Ebola has the capability to infect pretty much every cell in the entire human respiratory tract. Similarly, our skin offers little resistance to even the smallest amounts of Ebola. How much airborne transmission will occur will be a function of how well Ebola induces coughing and sneezing in its victims in cold weather climates. Coughing and nasal bleeding are both reported symptoms in Africa, so the worst should be expected. In that regard, co-infections with Flu, Cold, or even seasonal Allergies will readily transform Ebola victims into  biowarefare factories.

Unlike Flu, a person need not inhale airborne Ebola to be infected via airborne transmission. Merely walking through an airspace (or touching the objects therein) where an Ebola victim has coughed or sneezed is potentially enough for a cold weather infection to occur. As such, all indicators are that Ebola's potential rate of infectious spread in cold weather climates is EXPLOSIVELY  greater than what is occurring in Equatorial Africa

In that regard, the government's Filovirus Animal Nonclinical Group [FANG] is standardizing on a Airborne Ebola Infectious "challenge" of 1000 PFU that all proposed medical countermeasures must defeat in order to gain acceptance.


Given that the experts are keenly aware that most mutations lead to viral dead ends and given the ARMY's public research documents make such a clear case that the Ebola airborne risk is here and now, the question remains: why are the experts pushing a "future mutation"fear on the public?

The primary benefits of the media mutation gambit are:

1) When the public becomes aware Ebola is airborne, the public will default to blaming a mutation rather blaming the experts for having prior knowledge of Ebola's transmissability

2) A scary future fear makes for great immediate fund raising from a public seeking to avoid it.

3) The expert clique comes down hard on experts that do anything which is perceived to immediately raise public fear, an accurate warning to the public can immediately negatively affect a forthright expert's budget and prestige

4) Public knowledge of imminent Public Health threats negatively affects supply chains and the logistics planned responses

The next time some expert pushes the Ebola mutation risk ask them to specify exactly what mutations would be required to do as they claim. When they refuse, ask why experts spelled out the mutation steps of Avian Influenza and why they won't for Ebola. The answer is: Ebola can already infect pretty much every cell in the human respiratory system. 


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  2. University Illinois professors Dr. Lisa Brosseau and Dr. Rachael Jones;

    “There is some experimental evidence that Ebola and other filoviruses can be transmitted by the aerosol route. Jaax…reported the unexpected death of two rhesus monkeys housed approximately 3 meters from monkeys infected with Ebola virus, concluding that respiratory or eye exposure to aerosols was the only possible explanation.”

    “Zaire Ebola viruses have also been transmitted in the absence of direct contact among pigs…and from pigs to non-human primates,…which experienced lung involvement in infection. Persons with no known direct contact with Ebola virus disease patients or their bodily fluids have become infected.” ..

    This is a pretty limited set of 'facts'. It took me a while to track down whether ebola is an RNA virus or a DNA virus. It turns out that it is an RNA virus. The image that has been used showing 'an ebola virus' doesn't look like any virus I have ever seen. It looks much more like a picture of its RNA genome than a viroid with a capsid. This makes me wonder if it is a retrovirus that never gets encapsulated. Does anybody here know if that is the case. If it is, this has huge implications for its transmissibility.
    The Math on the rna make up fits well retrovirus, meaning it can bond with a retrovirus. So some one in the beginning stages of EV68 or early rhino can contract Ebola. Thus creating a new encapsulated viroid that will be air born and live outside the host for 72 hours

  3. Can someone please post where I can find the website for the Center for Aerobiological Sciences? I am unable to find the link that refers to the claim that winter weather provides ideal conditions for Ebola to go airborne. Would much appreciate some info please? Thanks!

  4. None of your sources site where we can find this claim that US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne. Can you please provide that link?

    1. its the very first link under "Sources"

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