Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fort Hood Texas Places Urgent EBOLA BioSafety Order Citing "Elevated Risk" Yet Tells The Public Situation is "Low Risk"

Fort Hood Texas just placed an urgent order for a bench top biosafety containment workstation with the capability to provide point of care Ebola testing. In the justification for this equipment the justification cites that soldiers redeploying to Fort Hood may be Ebola infected and that the situation places the Fort Hood population at elevated risk of becoming infected with Ebola.

Of course the military and local civic leaders tell the public something very different than the elevated risk claimed in the sole source justification

The military says:
 “The chances of them having (Ebola) while they are here are very, very slim,”

and the Mayor says:
 “I consider this a very low-risk operation and the right thing to do.”

People who can read probably should come to a different conclusion than what words of safety coming out of the military and the mayor mouths. In fact, a close reading of the document would indicate that Fort Hood does not have a biosafety chain of custody for dealing with the soldiers body fluids. Thats why they've placed an urgent order for a separate bench top bio-containment system. Think DoD should have picked a location with a true medical isolation capability instead of this last minute hodge-podge type thing they are trying to throw together as possibly infected soldiers come flying in.


Sole Source Justification

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  1. Oh this goes back to the early sixties, it was then called, "duck and cover" touted to us fourth graders as a sure fire way to survive an atomic attack.