Thursday, August 9, 2012


Our full time airborne radiation monitor alarmed at 50 CPM during the 11:30pm Saint Louis storms. The unusually high airborne readings caused us to follow up with a surface swipe of a piece of sheet metal that had been left out in the rain. That swipe returned a reading of 91 TIMES greater than background radiation.



  1. I see that the jet stream has been overhead in your region.

    Do you believe the famine-feast neutron cycle is continuing with the coriums?

    There were massive, yellowish releases on August 3rd. I took screen shots.

    So, those emissions may be responsible for your high reading yesterday. The time delay seems about right.

    In the past I've found it takes 4-7 days for emissions to show up in west coast readings. Midwest states' levels spike 1 or 2 days later, depending how far east the state's located.

    Emissions have been less since Aug 4, although still ongoing at the times I've checked the cams

    Take Care!!!

    1. During this particular event we were down wind of the jet stream by a few hundred miles; that should give the heavier non-gaseous particles a better chance of precipitating out before they reach us. That is something we suspect happened in the previous July 29th event, but were are still taking data/analysis on that event and this event.

      In regards to the neutron feast an famine cycle, we would expect to see another indication of Np-239 being present in the fallout and we have NOT yet seen further indications of Np-239. However, there does to be some sort of feast-famine cycle still continuing, but it may not be related to Xenon poisoning. I suspect that the cycling is ground water related, and it resulted in a fuel fire in the May-June time period. What caused the current cycle, I don't know; but what I do know is that I131 in Japan went up in correlation with the 7/29 event.

      Moreover, based on the magnitude of the current event and the observations you reported, IF they keep reporting sewage levels in Japan, there should be another up swing in I131 detections reported before too much longer.

  2. I'm taking paper towel swipes of a 3x3' Smart Car roof panel in Charleston, SC, and reading it with the same Inspector pancake tube potrblog uses, except my readout is a Victoreen V-700 series 6 CD meter.

    My most recent rainstorms came off the Atlantic and measured 30-40 cpm with the Alpha window open. This is about twice my background. However, any rainstorms coming from SW to NW across the country have read 1000 to as high as 1700 cpm off the same roof. I can find no information as to why the radiation measured only 6 to 8 hours later off the same towel surface drops rapidly to 30-40 cpm, from midnight to 7AM, 7 hour later. This can't be Cs as the particles could not escape as I carefully fold the towel and bag it. But, the radiation rapidly drops to virtually nothing.

    Radiation is about 85% alpha as the plastic cap over the detector blocks it. Gamma using the metal of the detector probe as a gamma shield is background only. No gamma from the towel. Any ideas as to what this radiation might be would be greatly appreciated. Plant Vogtle on the Savannah River is 100 miles WNW of Charleston. Charleston AFB could be a source, but I'm measuring about the same level upwind and downwind of it. The Naval Weapons Station is 15 miles N of my measuring area, downwind of these measurements. It's a mystery I'd like to solve. We don't have radon here on the coast. 200 miles NW near Greenville, SC, radon is a problem.

    1. Basically you have discovered what we found on our 4000 mile Radroad trip to the Florida Keys. see
      Basically storms blowing in on the Jetstream are radioactive, storms blowing in from Africa are not.
      The Jet stream that hits the US usually goes right over Fukushima.

      Our risk mitigation working theory is that naturally radioactive Japanese ground water is being steamed out via the action of the corium interacting with the ground water. The action releases the naturally occurring radioactive Radon in the ground water into the atmosphere. Those high airborne Radon levels serve as a marker that the ground water was turned into steam via the action of Fukushima fuel rods, and as such it will also contain man made radioactive materials created and released by the fuel rods.

      To sum it up, the majority of the short half life stuff you are measuring is from the decay products of Fukushima Radon transported over the Jet Stream; and, if you can do controlled measurements, you will likely find that the paper towel swipe remains radioactive above background levels long after the short half life fallout has burned off. Our sample from 8/8/12 is still radioactive above background levels; we have a post about that in the next several days.