Monday, June 11, 2012

Max Alert Continuation! Airborne Radiation + Ground Shine at 3x Above Background Radiation

Another very unusual radioactive fallout reading this morning. It started storming around 9am and blew through by 10:30 am. At 10:45 we went outside to take a sample.

As soon as we stepped outside the Geiger counter started reading 3 times above normal background radiation. We took a paper towel sample swipe from a sheet metal surface and it returned approximately 29X greater than background radiation.

We took free air readings at approximately 4 feet above the ground. With the Geiger counter pointed perpendicular to the ground we had an airborne reading of approximately 2x over background radiation. Pointing the Geiger counter directly towards the ground to measure "ground shine", the same reading at 4 feet returned a value of 3x over background radiation.

We took a reading from approximately 1cm above the surface of a plastic garbage can, that reading was 7x above background radiation.

The situation remains very unusual because of the ground shine and airborne readings. The situation is additionally unusually in that the Jet Stream is not directly over head, but rather a few hundred miles to the North West. As a result, our Maximum Alert for the Jet Stream an rainfall avoidance remains in effect.

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