Monday, November 11, 2013

BREAKING! Possible / Likely H7N9 Outbreak In Hong Kong

Update 11/12:

The outbreak location has been identified as the Hong Kong Ling Liang Church Kindergarten @ Causeway Bay . From all reports the school has a very good reputation.

Note that the suspected outbreak is in Wan Chai, HK;  a geographic hotspot for H7N9 coming in from mainland China (see map below)

From the Hong Kong department of Public Health:


Influenza-like illness outbreak under CHP investigation

11 November 2013
The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health is today (November 11) investigating an influenza-like illness outbreak at a kindergarten in Wan Chai affecting 20 pupils, and hence reminded members of the public and staff of institutions to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene against influenza.
The affected pupils, comprising 14 boys and 6 girls aged between 3 and 6, developed symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, including fever, coughing and sore throat, since October 31.
One of the girls aged 5 required hospitalisation and has been discharged. The respiratory specimens of the girl and another 6-year-old boy both tested positive for Influenza A upon laboratory testing.
All the affected pupils are in a stable condition.
Officers of the CHP have visited the school and advised the management to adopt measures against respiratory tract infection.

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  1. cant figure out to pm on here. I wanted to get your thoughts on this in a next time blog maybe .. thanks.

    1. That's like asking the Klan to investigate the death of Medgar Evers, and like expecting the Baptists to defrock MLK for denying Christ's resurrection.

      The fact is that the shooter(s) have been declared HEROS by Congress; and, that neither the Executive or Legislative branch are going to do anything to make frontline SS agents or police officers second guess any situation in which they take decisive action to protect Congress or the President. The Judicial branch is likely the best place to seek redress for this matter, but I wouldn't hold my breath.