Thursday, August 15, 2013

[No Hospital For YOU!] CDC Call Center NURSES to Diagnose Bird Flu and Prescribe Medications Over The Phone

As we previously reported, the CDC is immediately setting up a National Nurse Triage Line using the 2-1-1 phone number and "Poison Control Center" Nurses to deal with a panicked public during the expected H7N9 Bird Flu outbreak.

Today the CDC has revised those solicitations with greater operation details; key among them that nurses will diagnose the concerned callers' avian flu status, prescribe appropriate medicine, and electronically transfer those prescriptions local pharmacies. 
Solicitation Number: 2013-Q-15473 and Solicitation Number: 2013-Q-15472 

The key facts to recognize are:

(1) Short of pending death you will not see a doctor or hospital
(2) H7N9 Bird Flu is nearly 100% FATAL for adults without advanced hospital life support equipment
(3) Very quickly into a pandemic ALL advanced life support equipment will be in use
(4) Children may have a reasonable chance of surviving H7N9 bird flu even without a hospital visit
(5) You will have to quarantine your children in your home if they show symptoms
(6) Practicing good infection control may help you survive your children's flu
(7) Purchase infection control items while you still can.

Five KEY items we believe will give you an affordable Darwinian edge over the rest of the herd are: 

(1) Hibiclens-Chlorhexidine Gluconate: A surgical scrub that keeps kill bugs up to 6 hours after use
(2) Child's Face Mask: Reduce they amount of virus a sick child spreads while sneezing & coughing
(3) HEPA Air Filter: For use in your house's "sick room", reduced airborne viral load
(4) P100 mask: H7N9 is VERY infective to lung tissue; high filtration and good fit are key
(5) Contagion: A so-so CDC propaganda movie which gives good insight into their Pandemic CONOPS


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