Thursday, August 8, 2013

H7N9 BirdFlu Defeating Current Mask Technology, FEDs making 'Urgent Preparations'

UPDATE: 8/9/13 a new H7N9 Bird Flu case is being reported just outside of Hong Kong. That makes two new cases in the last two months; it may be the leading edge of a 'Bell Curve'.

On July 10th another human case of H7N9 was reported in China, by July 16th the US Government urgently released a Federal Solicitation searching for 6 experimental technologies to combat the expected H7N9 Bird Flu pandemic. Primary on their list is a desire to find, and pull forward into use, breathing masks and respirators which are only partially through their  Research and Development phase.

The Government's solicitation ( Number: BAA-13-100-SOL-00019) contained this very telling direct quote which the Government highlighted in red:  

"Note to Potential Offerors:  Due to the urgency of ongoing preparedness activities for avian influenza A(H7N9) virus, available funding for awards under this solicitation may be limited. In addition, submissions that directly address H7N9 preparedness may be evaluated more favorably than those directed towards other influenza subtypes."

Our key takeaways from reading through that solicitation are:

1: Airborne H7N9 Bird Flu is infecting caregivers despite their use of masks
2: The Feds expect patient loads to overwhelm the available number of life support systems
3: A shortage of vaccine is expected because of the large number of potential victims.
4: A shortage of vaccine will be tied to the large dosage amounts required to get minimal immunity.
5: Not enough diagnostic tools are available to make wise decisions on who to treat and how.
6: If a H7N9 pandemic occurs, hospitals will be the breeding ground for untreatable mutations.
7. The Federal government is in a much greater tizzy over H7N9 than most people know.

Our Risk Mitigation Position on H7N9 Hemorrhagic Bird Flu.

1: We believe a near term, wide spread, high fatality pandemic is possible but not likely
2: Cost Effective risk mitigation preparations would be wise for items likely to quickly go out of stock

Three Items to consider purchasing:

(1) Hibiclens Surgical Scrub: Kill germs/viruses continuously for 6 hours after washing with it
(2) P100 Mask: Better protection than N95 masks.
(3) HEPA Air filter: Reduces Airborne Viral load in sick (quarantine) rooms

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