Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CDC Requiring Face-Seals On ALL Approved Masks And Points To H7N9; Shortages Imminent!

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UPDATE: NIOSH has started following our Twitter feed as a direct result of this video

From Federal Solicitation Number 2013-61145 and supporting document "J&A":
The Centers for Disease Control will require that all  Filtering Facial  Respirator  (FFR) manufacturers perform and pass fit tests on their masks in order to given NIOSH approval for their masks.

The CDC is having an ' H7N9 URGENT' economic analysis performed under the following ground rules:

(1) "What would the impact be to a given supplier if 10% of their current product failed the new performance test? 40% failed? 75% percent failed?"

(2) "What would the impact on the consumer populations be if 10%, 50%, 90% of all FFRs sold in North America, and globally, were no longer available?"

The CDC describes the urgent nature of this situation as follows:

"NIOSH further recognizes the urgency and the need for this economic analysis at this time due to the threat of Avian Influenza A H7N9. Lessons learned during the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak (considered a non-serious flu) include issues with the supply and demand of well-fitting N95 filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) for healthcare workers and others. The intent of the proposed rule is to add a population fit test requirement to the NIOSH performance requirements in Subpart K of 42 CFR Part 84"
Our estimation is that this directive will result in a 50% reduction if the PRE-PANDEMIC supply of masks and a 500%  increase in the average cost of a mask from $1 per mask to $5 per mask

As we have previously reported, this urgent revision is being sought because the H7N9 virus is defeating hospital caregiver masks. Unfortunately, this type of centralized corporatist  planning will only serve to make the situation much worse.

The following results should be expected:

(1) An increase in the transmission of H7N9
(2) Shortages and Rationing of masks in Hospitals
(3) Complete public unavailability of masks

Our risk mitigation position on H7N9 is that it has a low to medium likelihood of occurring in the USA this year, but that it has insanely high, large scale, death potential in adults should the pandemic occur as the government expects. 

We believe the primary high risk scenario that the average person might incur is the home quarantine of a sick child (as directed by the newly create 2-1-1 phone triage system).

That scenario is based on the following:

(1) Nearly 100% of ADULTS presenting with an H7N9 infection will die quickly without advanced life support.
(2) Children may survive an infection without hospitalization, but will likely infect adults.

In that situation, a well fitting P100 mask appears to be the best last line of defense.
Below is an Amazon link to a P100 mask so that you may do further research.

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