Sunday, August 4, 2013

BIRD FLU: US Government quietly orders 600 Million syringes stockpiled in 10 Cities

Friday 8/2/13 the US government quietly released a solicitation for a total of 600 million syringes to be stockpiled in 10 geographically dispersed locations across the United States for the purpose of pandemic flu vaccinations.

The driving force behind this activity is the hemorrhagic H7N9 Bird Flu outbreak in China. Whether the threat of a massive outbreak in the USA is real or just a plausible excuse to line Federal contractor's pockets, we don't know; but we see that the level and scope of Federal activity is highly unusual.

We ask that people look for and share any reports of cities engaging in Feral Pigeon slaughter, as we suspect the primary human threat is from contact with Pigeon droppings

We believe it is a wise cost effect risk mitigation strategy to maintain a supply of Hibiclens Chlorhexidine Gluconate surgical scrub as it provides 6 hours of on-going protection against viruses and bacteria after washing with it. Based on our usage patterns, we expect that a gallon of Hibiclens "soap" will last the average sized family one month under actual pandemic conditions.

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