Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UPDATE [Max Alert] Columbia River Nuclear MULTIPLE Detections Of High "Background" Radiation

UPDATE: 8/22/13: Per an NRC Report update: Columbia states:  "There has been no change in the radiation levels at the plant";  and Columbia is blaming the unusual readings from the High Range Stack Radiation Monitor on  "failing cooling components", However, No mention was made why the Intermediate range stack monitor was also experiencing unusual readings.

 Unfortunately NRC event reports often seem full of  "Clinton speak", and as such their wording must be parsed carefully as one never knows for sure what the definition of "is" is, or what time frame the definition of "has been no change" refers to.

Maximum Alert! Primary Fallout Impact Locations Alaska, Washington State and all of CANADA

Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] event report #49290 reveals that there were multiple detections of HIGH "BACKGROUND" RADIATION from multiple detectors in the REACTOR building stacks at the COLUMBIA GENERATING STATION located in Washington State.

Under the assumption that these are true increases in background radiation and not an attempt to cover up radioactive releases from the Columbia Nuclear Generating Station, we analyzed Jet Steam and weather patterns. Given that analysis of the weather pattern (see the attached video), it is possible to trace this radioactive 'cloud' back to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. We suspect that some significant nuclear event occurred in Fukushima on or around August 10th.  We suspect that these maybe Noble Gas detections, which would be indicative of a RECRITICALITY.

However, no matter what the source, these multiple radioactive detections bear significant concern; potential areas effected are indicated in the Jet Stream map below.

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  1. there was a 6.0 earthquake there recently which may have cause a rupture in the containment vessels there.