Saturday, December 21, 2013

MASSIVE ALERT! HHS Forces Doomsday Prepping on ALL Medicare & Medicaid Providers

UPDATE 3/11/13:
Drudge & NYtimes finally covering this story 3 MONTHS late. Seems they waited until current H7N9 risk seemingly subsided

On 12/27/13 The Department of Health & Human Services will release a 453 page list of regulations requiring ALL Medicare and Medicaid providers to engage in Doomsday prepping.

The POTRBLOG team had hoped to shut down for Christmas but we knew that such media dead periods are when most vile government regulations are attempted (the Christmas vacation creation of the Federal Reserve as an example), so we had our eyes open.

The Government's rationale for imposing these Doomsday prepping regulations on ALL Medicare and Medicaid providers is Eye Opening TOO:

"Based on our analysis of the written reports, articles, and studies, as well as on our ongoing dialogue with representatives from the federal, state, and local levels and with various stakeholders, we believe that, currently, in the event of a disaster, health care providers and suppliers across the nation would not have the necessary emergency planning and preparation in place to adequately protect the health and safety of their patients. Underlying this problem is the pressing need for a more consistent regulatory approach that would ensure that providers and suppliers nationwide are required to plan for and respond to emergencies and disasters that directly impact patients, residents, clients, participants, and their communities".

Of course this is only part of the story, just in time for H7N9 fears, the entire Public Health system is getting a C4ISR overhaul and Federal integration that will make the NSA scandals look like a kindergarten prank.


Link to 3 MONTH late story from NY times


  1. Wow, these people never cease to amaze.

  2. I was wondering if you had noticed the increase in H1N1 cases in the southern U.S. There seems to be a new variant named pH1N1 that is giving false negative results on the tests which is very reminiscent of whats going on with H7N9. It seems to be very quick also with some patients only lasting days from onset before death...

    1. The quick tests for FLU are not very sensitive, and they are even less sensitive for H7N9. They're not very sensitive for H1N1 either. And while the publicity on H1N1 has certainly increased, whether or not there has been an increase in adult deaths is hard to tell. H1N1 makes news because SOME otherwise healthy people seem to be very vulnerable to being killed by it.

      However, it does seem that the H1N1 swine flu that percolated up out of the annual Muslim Hajj and came back into Houston is spreading more readily than the American version which had made its headquarters in Hancock county, Indiana.

      The increase in publicity on H1N1 is causing Tamiflu shortages in the South, as far North as Atlanta. H1N1 is spreading up into Tennessee, but no shortages are yet reported. The doctors we spoke to Hancock county, Indiana said that they had seen very little in the way of the flu.

      We suspect that the primary constraint on the mass spread of H1N1 Hajj swine flu in the USA is temperature related; it likes warmer weather locations. In the colder regions, hygienic conditions and personal proximity may cause localized outbreaks.

  3. It's 127 pages. And it's emergency preparedness... no different than what is being done in schools, corporations, and other industries around the world. Most of what CMS has proposed is already in place and regulated by Joint Commission. It's really nothing new.

  4. Nowadays people are getting acknowledged about doomsday prepping. It is related to SHTF. Today people are so much concerned about surviving in the disaster