Thursday, December 19, 2013

Narcolepsy, Shifting The Blame Game In Time For Forced H7N9 Vaccination

Just in time to reduce public resistance to narcoleptically tied Adjuvant laced Flu vaccines, the blame game on what exactly is responsible for vaccine induced cases of Narcolepsy is once again flip flopping.

Previously the blame was placed on adjuvants used in  H1N1 vaccines. The blame was then shifted to adjuvants made specifically in  Germany by GSK; and supposedly by some witchcraft, the same adjuvants made by the same company (GSK), but in a different country (Canada) became safe.  Now that gambit has fallen apart too as the Canadian version has also been tied to Narcolepsy. That only leaves one thing left to blame in the ever moving narcoleptic shell game, they decided to blame the H1N1 virus itself.

Now what makes this blame shell game suspicious is that whichever causation theory that meets the immediate Governmental need becomes the means to the Governmental end; and, the theory which supports that end gets the public limelight.

The narcoleptic shell game so far has played out as follows::

(1) Government wanted people to take H1N1 vaccine -> Solution: blame Narcolepsy on adjuvants as they are not approved for use in the US Flu vaccines -> RESULT: Americans take H1N1 vaccine

(2) Government "needs" to use adjuvants in H7N9 vaccine ->Solution: approve the use of Canadian adjuvants and place blame on adjunvants made in Germany (by the same company)->RESULT: Canadian adjuvants added to H7N9 vaccine

(3) Canadians shown to come down with Narcolepsy -> Solution: blame the H1N1 virus instead of the adjuvant ->RESULT:  People can't UN-take the H1N1 vaccine, and now they have no longer have a reason not to take the H7N9 vaccine.


The Government's "need" to use adjuvants in the H7N9 vaccine is primarily based on manufacturing, logistics, and economics. Adjuvants work by revving up your immune system, its like adding Nitrous Oxide to a car engine, the engine revs like crazy and engine damage occurs easily. Adding adjuvants to a vaccine allows them to use less vaccine, and that saves time and money. Of course revving up the immune system is the last thing you want to do when you face the risk of a potential immune disorder like Narcolepsy. To tie back to the car engine Nitrous allegory, Narcolepsy is the one of the forms of "engine damage" a person's body faces with they rev the immune system with adjuvants.


Choosing whether or not to take a vaccine is a PERSONAL matter of risk mitigation. Making an informed risk mitigation decision  requires good information. Yet it seems that the information promulgate is primarily that which supports a means to end.

When weighing the available public information, it is important to remember that Public Health is about the HERD and not the individual Cow. The farmer is willing to sacrifice individual members of the herd for the perceived greater good of the herd. The exception to that rule is the Prize Heifer, it gets special treatment and dispensations, odds are that you are not a prize Heifer in the Government's eye. And when it comes to Public Health, the Government's position is that the Bill of Rights is void where prohibited by law 

The question comes down to this: are you livestock (prized heifer or not) owned by the Government's Public Health Authorities, or do you own yourself? 


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