Sunday, February 23, 2014

DEADLY WARNING: Initial Plutonium Cloud Size ~110 MILLION Bq, On Going Releases @ ~6,667 Bq PER MINUTE

New information from the WIPP town hall meeting in Carlsbad, NM puts the strength of the Plutonium Cloud THREE TIMES higher at the epi-center of the radioactive release, as compared to the data we previously had from roughly 1/2 mile Northwest of the radioactive release. Hence, at TIME ZERO, GROUND ZERO, the Plutonium cloud measured approximately 330,000,000 Becquerels, all released within a 30 second time frame; comprising an estimated 10,000 cubic meters of contaminated air.

A proven reliable source with inside information on the internal happenings at the WIPP  Plutonium disaster has provided us with radiation reading for Saturday 2/22/14, taken before and after HEPA filtration of the exhaust air from the WIPP mine shaft. Based on that information, and using risk mitigating assumptions, we calculated that Plutonium and Americium are CURRENTLY being RELEASED INTO THE OUTSIDE AIR at a rate of 400,000 Disintegrations Per Minute (DPM), for every single minute the ventilation system is running. For those more comfortable with the Becquerel as a unit of measure, that works out to the plant exhausting 6,667 Becquerels of Plutonium and Americium PER MINUTE into the outside air.

Our source informed us that at Station A (prior to HEPA filtration) that the small amount of air which is being sampled returned a reading of several hundred DPM's; and that the POST HEPA FILTERED AIR was reading approximately 20 DPM's.

WIPP planning documents indicated that their ventilation system has 3 fans, which which add up to at total ventilation capacity of 20,000 Cubic Meters of Air per minute. The ventilation system has 4 circuits. It is unclear which circuits are running, or at what rates. It is also unclear if there are even higher concentrated released going out of the other shafts at the plant. But given the information available, the wise risk mitigation based measurement for current releases is 400,000 DPM's every single minute.

It is also important to note that the sampling filters are tiny in comparison to the over all airflow, only a small subset of air is measured. The photos of the Station A sensors/ filters show a pipe roughly 1/2 inch in diameter as the air sample source. The actual exhaust pipe is tall enough for a person to walk in. The plant also has 4 ventilation zones, it is unclear which zones are currently being ventilated. Hence 400K DPM per minute is the MINIMUM Radiation release number on which a wise person would base risk mitigation decisions.

During the first 30 seconds of the disaster before HEPA filtration started, we calculate that a Plutonium + Americium cloud of 6.6 BILLION DPM's (110,000,000 Becquerels) passed by a radiation monitor 1/2 a mile North West of the Plant.

Those numbers do involve assumptions forced upon us by DOE and CERMC because they don't release the full context of the their detections (they prefer to use Bananas as a basis of radiation exposure). Our numbers are based on conservatively risk mitigating public health exposure, with context derived from WIPP data gleaned from the EPA permitting documents.

In that regard, understand that when  WIPP and CERMC release this data in a few days, you can expect AT BEST they will only mention 20 DPM being measured. Don't expect them to deliver the truthful context of what that means, nor should you expect them to release the RAW DATA and info to check their calculation. It is of utmost importance to them that they control the narrative of what is happening at WIPP.


Photos of WIPP Station A & Radiation Measurement

Permitting Docs for WIPP

DEADLY WARNING! Nearly ELEVEN THOUSAND Becquerels per Cubic Meter of Radioactive Pu239 + Am241 Air Released In New Mexico


  1. ALERT! EPA Radiation Detection Goes Down, Right After High Level Plumes Released! See #WIPP - @YourAnonNews all of a sudden websites are going down! #WIPP #radiationleak I caught this before it was dropped.

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  3. I did not write this, but would like the author's response. What do you say to this?

    "If you track some of the information that has come out from other sources it is a possible ceiling failure in panel 7 underground. They think the premature ceiling failure may have ruptured a low level TRU waste barrel.
    POTR or whomever runs it took a reading CEMRC put out and just made up a quantity to give it that made the number sky high. They then proceeded to make all sorts of crazy proclamations, telling people to stay indoors all over the US etc. I pointed out their mathematical error after they posted on twitter but they were not interested in reality, just scaring the crap out of people.

    I was able to talk to someone at CEMRC over the weekend. They confirmed that the typical reading for their filters is m3. The image they gave to the press showing previous readings for the offsite filter system was in m3. The filter reading they gave without a unit for the measurement they said was because they are trying to read all these offsite filters all at once and have limited lab staff at the university. He said when the filter reading has the calculation applied it will likely be a slightly lower number when put into m3 (meters cubed). The current reading was just below 1 bq of combined plutonium and americium. They did also tell me they have the monitoring filters from before and after the HEPA filter on the air shaft in hand. DOE had prevented them from accessing the site for almost a week without a good reason. Those filter readings should be released this week.

    We have been following this issue since the Friday it was admitted to the public and have a couple of people who live in the area and are familiar with the issues related to WIPP working on this with us.

    So far there is nothing that even hints at a criticality in the mine, that appears to be a fabrication by POTR. DOE announced they won't have anyone into the mine for weeks. They do have to coordinate with the mining authority. This may be due to both federal mining oversight and the concern that the ceiling may have failed. The long time frame for entry is still a bit suspicious and DOE has absolutely failed as far as transparency on this whole issue. We have been documenting the information about WIPP for the last week or more. The Carlsbad Current Argus newspaper also has two journalists working on the issue and have been a useful source of information."

    1. Its a bit hard to follow what they are saying; but no one has pointed out a mathematical error to us.

      In regards to criticality at the mine; the only evidence of that is from DOE statements that radiation levels in the mine are dropping. Pu239 & Am241 have 1/2 lives of 100s to 1000s of years, so a "decline" in radiation could only come from new short 1/2 life fission products decaying away. That said, we suspect that DOE was just trying to use reassuring weasel words, because declining radiation sounded better than saying "Plutonium Dust is settling out of the air and back onto the ground where we can't readily detect it" The DOE and CMERC have a problem understanding that the words they uses mean things; we believe it comes under the old adage of 'deception weaving a tangled webb'

      In terms of units, we have addressed that in this and previous videos. DOE & CEMRC have said they thought detected Pu239 & Am241 was from a "momentary release" of unfiltered air, YET their sampling values seem based on the assumption that the released happened over the entire 5-7 DAYS the air filters were drawing air. If you go with the assumption that "momentary" means 30 seconds, then they UNDER reported the Plutonium Cloud release rate by a factor of around 14.400 times.

      On the "collapse", given the available evidence, we suspect a fire tied to Hydrogen, Methane, and VOC's caused an explosion. WIPP wanted to stop checking for those gases because it was expensive to do so. The location of the event, ROOM 7, is exactly where EPA documents indicate the highest build up of Hydrogen + et al will occur. So yeah, a roof collapse before or after the fire/ explosion is possible

      Finally, we have ZERO conflict of interest in the matter. Moreover, our ONLY bias is risk mitigation.
      In fact, we share our info and analysis so that other will share their info back with us, that improves our risk mitigation position. It's a concept that works, as we have had data NEWS SCOOPS on what is and has happened at WIPP from person(s) who have been proven to have accurate knowledge.

      What it comes down to is this, we are using DOE's own data, and placing it in the context they refuse to give. The context we use comes from their own EPA permit files. So later today or tomorrow when DOE tells you that they are releasing HEPA filtered radioactive air at 20 DPM's per Cubic meter of Air, you now know they are releasing that rate from a air stack that can produce 20,000 cubic meters of exhaust air per minute, which works out to 400,000 DPM's per minute, which equals 6,667 Becquerel of Pu239 +Am241 coming out of that exhaust stack EVERY SINGLE MINUTE THEY RUN IT.

      In the end the problem is not our "math", their problem is they don't like it when we tell you what THEIR words (if you believe them) actually mean. Its a problem they can make go away by releasing the all the raw data; don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

  4. By taking your numbers of 6,666 Bq/min leaving the plant in New Mexico, and surmising that 1Bq = 0.1 Sv, then my calculator tells me that this amounts to !!!!!!!!!!!!! 285 MILLION times !!!!!!!!!!!! the dose of what is actually leaving the plant of Fukushima, that is 140,000 nSv/hour.

    Am I right ?

    1. see FAQ #3 at this link

  5. Why don't you search the site before asking presumptive questions?
    If you have something to say, start your own blogsite.


  6. "blah blah blah...the plant offer no more risk than a dental X-ray or an airline flight, officials said."
    The same old nuke industry line. And it's completely false, because the radioactivity released from WIPP is in the form of PARTICLES of plutonium and americium.
    You are exposed to NO radioactive particulates on an airline flight, nor during an X ray. None. Zero.
    The next thing they''ll say is that you receive more radiation from eating a banana.