Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hilary Swank Sorry for Attending Accused Murderer's White House Functions?

Hilary Swank sorry for attending accused murderer's White House functions?
According to Fox News Hilary Swank 'said that she was unaware of the disappearances, house torchings and extra-judicial killings reportedly orchestrated by ...[the] republic.'

Hopefully other "notable" individuals will now step forward and also condemn and refuse to attend party functions for the Obama white house. Unfortunately, upon further inspection, the ellipses I put in the quote above don't refer to the recent "kill list" extra-judicial killings of American citizens committed by the Obama administration, nor does it include the disappearances and house torchings committed in an undeclared wars in Libya and Afghanistan. Instead, those ellipses refer to actions "reportedly orchestrated by Ramzan Kadyrov in the southern Russian republic"

Hopefully Hilary Swank will now step forward and condemn the unconstitutional, unchecked by Congress or the Judiciary, killing of American citizens listed on the Obama administrations secret kill list, and also condem the associated indiscriminate disappearances and house torchings in the undeclared wars in Libya and Afghanistan.

Of course, the extra judicial killings may not have just been limited to the Obama presidency. The secret Presidential enemies kill list may go back as far in time as one of Obama's favorite Illinois confederates and presidential role models, Abraham Lincoln.

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