Monday, October 17, 2011

ALERT! 270+ Times Greater Than Background Radiation Rain Fallout @4:30pm 10/17/11 Saint Louis, Mo

UPDATE 10/18/11: IODINE-133 has been tentatively identified in this fallout
[Preliminary Alert] Decay signature of Iodine-133 tentatively Identified in the 2.76 mR/Hr Fukushima Fallout

Original Post:

ALERT- Saint Louis 4:30pm 1017/11 radioactive rainfall at 270+ times greater than background radiation- 2.7 mR/hr
The highest reading we have ever measured
more info to follow on

1st update


  1. From 50 to 25 CPS within roughly 35 minutes, you've probably got a nice sample of Radon gas which have Beta-decayed to Lead-214 (Half-Life of 26.8 ') and Bismuth-214 (Half-Life of 19.8')probably mixed up with some Alpha-decay directly from Radon-222 (H/L = 3 d)

  2. Would this rain be putting hot particles (like cesium) in the air?