Sunday, October 9, 2011

4000 mile Radioactive Road Trip: Disney World, Cinderella's Castle, and Royal Table

Another in the series from our 4000 mile radioactive road trip to the southern most point in the United States. This time July 30th 2011, a 2hour total count background reading from the Magic Kingdom and an instantaneous reading inside Cinderella's castle at her "Royal Table".

Fortunately we found no issues of radioactive concern in this segment; in fact our primary concern was how nasty the tap water is in Disney World. For those who have never had the pleasure of drinking the warm tap water in Disney World, it frankly is the second most disgusting tap water in the United States.

Our primary tip for this segment of the radioactive roadtrip, is to use a Berkey Sport Water Bottle to make the tap water drinkable. We purchased our Berkeys to mitigate the risk of radioactive iodine contamination in drinking water while out and about, but it's greatest value in Disney World was making the tap water drinkable. The savings from avoiding buying Scrooge McDuck priced bottled waters more than paid for the Berky Sport bottles.

We suggest buying a three pack of Berkeys; One for the hotel room and two to take along. This is especially the case if you are staying in a Disney Resort, we found black stuff in our hotel water more than once; we were told the contamination was was from work the resort was performing (more on this in an upcoming post).

Single Bottles:

Overall on the RadRoad Trip we discovered:

(1) the further away one is from the Jet Stream the lower the radioactive fallout in the rain.

(2) Storms traveling East to West from Africa via the hurricane corridor tend to have ZERO radioactivity in the rainfall.

Hopefully the radioactive baseline data recorded for Disney World will have NO future use.

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