Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Preliminary Alert] Decay signature of Iodine-133 tentatively Identified in the 2.76 mR/Hr Fukushima Fallout

[Preliminary Alert] Decay signature of Iodine-133 tentatively identified in the 2.76 mR/Hr Fukushima Fallout which occurred in Saint Louis, Mo on 10/17/11

UPDATE 2. 10/19/11

Assistance Request: Please scour and report any data coming out of Japan dated within the last few weeks that have any indication of Iodine -133 or Xe-133 detections. The shorter half life of I-133 would indicate an fission event in Fukushima within the last week (2 weeks max)

Further testing is on going to see if measurable levels of the I-133 daughter product Xe-133 is in the sample.

1st update


  1. what are you basing your idea that its I-133 on? Iodine-133 has a half-life of 20.8 hours - i can see 131 making it to you in time but to transit from Fukushima, across the ocean, the west, then to you within that period is hard to imagine. You have a reactor immediately to your west - Callaway - that is creating all sorts of nuclides - could possibly be from there. St Louis is surrounded by some 24 different reactors, many potential sources.

  2. Oh crap. I feel the radiation every time I have to go out in the rain these days. Can I ask you to send me your equipment specs via e-mail? I am compelled to buy the same equipment and send you my results from South Bend, IN.


    Thank you for prviding the the graphs in the txt.