Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 X Background Radiation Fallout Rain, 4:30pm 10/26/11

This 30X background radiation reading was taken from the leading edge of the rain which started here in Saint Louis around 4:30 pm. It seems as if now all of our rainfalls are at minimum greater than 20 TIMES background levels. More info to follow.

Update: 6:30pm STL 10/26/11 A new sample wipe from the previously wiped surface once again returns a 30X background radiation. However, Gamma ray activity has increased, as the truck surface now reads 4.5x background radiation at a distance of 1 foot from the truck surface.

More updates to follow.


  1. This is Tacomagroove aka Emmy. From Enenews. Please respond to me @

    I have a yellow rain sample that I feel is highly radioactive. It needs further analyzations. I suspect the yellow is caused by either plutonium or uranium. I am willing to mail you this sample. If you can analyze it.

    It was taken off our honda delsol on Oct 25th 2011. It was collected with a bath towel. (the towel 12in by 12 in) was yellow in color after collecting the sample.

    I feel the substance is not pollen, and needs further investigation as there was no wind when the light fog and rain left the substance. Also reactor 3 had a tissy fit on October 22nd, Which is where I feel the substance had originally leaked from.

    Please repsond to me at My Facebook email address. With the subject line: Yellow Rain..

  2. We don't test outside samples; however, if you visit

    I'm sure you'll find several people willing to test your sample.

  3. What about all the snowfall? Are there any other bloggers looking at rad elements in snowfall? How could this effect long term water supply?