Sunday, October 30, 2011

"BAFFLING" Solar Storm Neither Baffling Nor A "Treat" for Followers

"A baffling solar storm pulled colorful northern lights unusually far south, surprising space weather experts and treating skywatchers to a rare and spectacular treat". Of course, this Solar event was far less "baffling" and far less of a "treat" for those who follow the  alerts on

The POTRBLOG team first alerted about the risks of the interactions between Solar Coronal Mass Ejections and Fukushima Fallout back in April.  In fact one of the things we noted to look for were "unusual" Northern Lights.  The lights are more unusual in color, magnitude, and in scope because of the high atomic weight Fukushima Fallout in the atmosphere, and because of how the radioactive component of the fallout alters the electrical gradient in the atmosphere.

Post Fukushima such lights are no longer a treat, in fact they are the harbingers of the creation of a whole new witches brew of radioactive Fukushima related fallout.  It is a harbinger that grows more concerning as these Solar Storms are simultaneously increasing in magnitude as the upper atmosphere becomes more and more a long term dumping ground of both radioactive and non radioactive high atomic weight fallout from Fukushima.

For more information, see these links and watch this video originally posted in June.

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