Monday, October 24, 2011

[Alert] Mount FUJI, Nakahatanishi, Japan: Plutonium 236, 238, and 239/240 Detections

[Alert] Mount  FUJI,  Nakahatanishi, Japan, West of Gotenba

Plutonium 236, 238 and  239/240 detections in the soil on 4/3/2011 (data only available for March-April 2011)

These are the  high certainty, longest distance detections of Plutonium in Japan
Source US DOE/NNSA data

Pu-236           Amount: 3.65E-08  uCi/g      Half-Life:     2.8 Years

Pu-238           Amount: 4.57E-10    uCi/g      Half-Life:     87 Years

Pu-239/240    Amount: 1.11E-09    uCi/g      Half-Life Minimum 6000+ years

Exact Location:
Latitude 35.322197 Longitude: 138.865287

Approximately 200 miles south of Fukushima.


This is a list of all the HIGH CERTAINTY detections of radionuclides at this location on 4/3/11

Nuclide               Result Unit
Am-243          6.60E-08 uCi/g
Pu-236           3.65E-08 uCi/g
U-232             1.99E-06 uCi/g
Cs-137           3.76E-07 uCi/g
Cs-134           3.06E-07 uCi/g
U-238             1.54E-07 uCi/g
U-235             7.13E-09 uCi/g
U-233/234      1.63E-07 uCi/g
Pu-239/240    1.11E-09 uCi/g
Am-241          5.38E-10 uCi/g
I-131              3.37E-06 uCi/g
Pu-238           4.57E-10 uCi/g
Gross Beta    7.93E-06 uCi/Sample

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