Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Possible Attempt to Hide Long Life Radioactive Fallout By A Claimed "Senior Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory"

The POTRBLOG team performs rapid, live research and development in order to quickly identify, and cost effectively mitigate, the risk associated with the on going Fukushima disaster. One of the primary reasons we share our work is to improve our own risk mitigation position via public feedback. Recently we have received some useful input  from an individual "Be Well" who self identifies as a "Senior Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory" However, along with that useful input, we have also received what we suspect is a blatant attempt to deceive the public about the detection of longer half life radioactive fallout.

In that regard, we have developed the charts above and below to make the issue at hand understandable. The charts superimpose the actual fallout data from the 11/08/11 detection against POTENTIAL candidate radionuclide(s). The green line in each chart is the measurement of the actual fallout. The red line is the measurement of the average background radiation taken inside of our improvised lead shield apparatus; the apparatus is simultaneously utilized to take the green line measurement.

Because of limited space in the apparatus and a desire to be conservative with the measurements, the green line source is shielded to a greater extent against background radiation than the red line measurement.  If the red line data where shielded to the same extent as the green line data, the red line would be an even lower value; and as a result the green line data would appear proportionally higher. The blue line data in the charts are CALCULATED values; they were created in an attempt to identify the composition of the fallout.

Two versions of each chart are shown, one with the green line being the top most visible and the other with the blue line being top most visible. The more exactly the blue and green lines cover each other up, the better the identification.

The charts shown in figures A & B above are one possible identification scenario, however the uncertainties of the identifications are greater than we previously accounted for. The increase in uncertainty results from the needed addition of a short half life isotope to make the curves fit well. While we had previously seen the need for such an addition, its influence was greater than initially accounted for. We realized the issue after inputs from "Be Well" made us revisit our initial assumptions. However, there was also an aspect of "Be Well's" input that smacks of an out right deception to hide long half life Fukushima fallout.

In short, the apparent deception was designed to hide the long half life fallout by improperly raising the measured background radiation to the point it obscured the long half life detection. Specifically, "Be Well" raised the background radiation by more than 1.25 standard deviations. He/She has so far refused to mathematically defend his/her actions, hence we believe those actions to be deliberate.

In that regard, we have used "Be Well's " data to create Charts/Figures C & D below. Note that "Be Well's" data under reports the data when the actual background measurements are used. In fact, the affects of his/her fallout decay curves completely disappear after approximately 4500 minutes (3 days) into the data . The data from 3 days onward reflects only background radiation noise. "Be Well's " actions serve to hide nearly 75% of the radioactive fallout data.

The POTRBLOG team will not tolerate deception; and given we believe the situation to be an actual case of deception designed to hide the public health impact of the long term buildup of radioactive materials with each fallout event, "Be Well" will be the first person we have ever had to ban from the POTRBLOG site. We pray that "Be Well's" self identification as a Senior Scientist from OaK Ridge National Labs was an act of deception as well.

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