Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obama's Fast And Furious Sinaloa Cocaine Contra Los Zetas - Hezbollah Scandal

As previously reported by us, "Fast and Furious" was Obama's plan to underwrite the Sinaloa Drug cartel; the operational name was short for how fast can we get a furious public to destroy the 2nd Amendment while still getting a desired political outcome in Mexico. The answer was obvious, have uncle Sam buy a bunch of guns for their favorite Mexican cartel and blame the result on gunshows, gun dealers, and red necks.

Emails have finally come out in the mass media showing the ATF used their own gun running operation as a pretext to increase their power and decrease every American's God given right to resist tyranny. It also happens that stories came out at the same time that Iran's Hezbollah had aligned itself with another Mexican drug ring which just happens to be in a hot drug war with the Sinaloa cartel. Hezbollah is the colonial revolutionary export wing of the Iranian theocracy (not our best friends at the moment)

The recent release of ATF emails detailing the desire to leverage the outcome of their own gun running to disarm us is finally shedding light on why the Obama administration chose to subsidize the Sinaloa drug gang with less effective weapons than the Sinaloas could have gotten from their own Mexican military connections. Obviously American Civilian weapons were preferable because their presence could be wrongly blamed on our God given rights; of course, given the on going drug war in Mexico there could have also been logistical reasons too.

But that alone does not completely cover the risk scenario the Fast and Furious operation undertook; media excuses for the ATF and the concept of bungling bureaucrats don't explain the totality of what actually happened. What does complete the picture is Obama's desire to give the Sinaloa drug lords the upper hand in their war against the "Los Zetas" drug cartel (and its partnership with Hezbollah.)

If the Zetas are getting international "State" support, it is only obvious that Obama administration would seek to counter that influence with its own support of their 'good' drug lord buddies who just happen to be in a dead on fight with the ZETA's and their Hezbollah compadres.

In the end what we have here in "Fast and Furious" is Obama's own version of Iran Contra, the only difference being that it is our 2nd amendment right to resist tyranny which is being held hostage.

Of course tyranny is the kind of crazy talk only weirdos like Rachel Maddow would apply to this administration (or any future Demopublican, Republicrat administration)

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All in all it makes one wonder how we solved all the illegal alcohol cartel problems during prohibition, maybe there are some lessons there?

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    Russian customs seize Iran-bound radioactive metal

    MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia's customs agency says it has seized radioactive metal from the luggage of a passenger bound for Tehran.

    The Federal Customs Service said in a statement that its agents found 18 pieces of metal Friday at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport after a radiation alert went on. It says the gauges showed that normal radiation levels were exceeded by 20 times.

    The customs agency said prosecutors have launched a probe into the incident.

    The Interfax news agency says the pieces contained Sodium-22, a radioactive isotope of sodium that could only be produced at a nuclear reactor.

    Sodium-22 is a positron-emitting isotope with a remarkably long half-life.